Waste - Oct 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

What is the most eco-friendly loo?
Freecycle: the big green giveaway
Freegans and FreeCycling Gain Fans

archived October 14, 2008

Trash - Oct 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Meet Dave, the Man Who Never Takes Out the Trash
Consumer culture turns into murals of trash
Cancer fear over plans for £50m waste plant

archived October 6, 2008

How to create change In your community: finding or forming a local group

Melinda Briana Epler, One Green Generation

When we live locally and strengthen our communities, we become stronger and better able to adapt to changes in the economy, climate, and energy availability. But we discuss much about how to go about this. So... how do you create change in your community? And how do you form a group of people who can tackle these community needs?

archived October 2, 2008

Renewables - Sept 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

'Wave snakes' switch on to harness ocean's power
Electricity From What Cows Leave Behind
UK's renewable energy efforts 'ineffective'

archived September 30, 2008

United Kingdom - September 8

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Brown vows freedom from oil dictatorship
How food waste can power your home
When the wind doesn't blow
Environment Minister Sammy Wilson: climate change views are "hysterical psuedo-religion"

archived September 8, 2008

United Kingdom - September 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Throwaway razors and nappies should be taxed as luxuries, says Defra
Oil costs bring thinner bin bags
Ghost Species
Johnson unveils secret weapon in war on climate change - the roof garden

archived September 3, 2008

Food & agriculture - Aug 30

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Slow Food brings many issues to the table
Sewage sludge: Too good to waste?
Was the organic food revolution just a fad? Fear for farmers as shoppers tighten belts
As food prices soar, Brazil and Argentina react in opposite ways
Switzerland: Contract farming co-ops show organic growth

archived August 30, 2008

United Kingdom - August 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Fuel prices drive cars off the roads
Safe in our cages
Rush for oil reaches Britain's fields

archived August 29, 2008

Trash - August 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Call to tackle UK business waste
Save your trash: An interview with Ari Derfel
Eric Lombardi's zero waste park

archived August 28, 2008

Peak Oil & Supplies - August 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy price prediction `more difficult,' EIA's Caruso says
Bioplastic - better living through green chemistry?
Could $100 oil turn dumps into plastic mines?brScrapping fuel subsidies can help climate: U.N. study

archived August 28, 2008