Economics - Dec 1

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Gail Tverberg: Impact of credit crisis on the energy industry
How our ecomomy went kaput on the $100 barrel
Seattle's recycling program runs into plunging prices

archived December 1, 2008

United Kingdom - Nov 27

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From the village green to the village blue
Homes and offices should take 'green MoT', says thinktank
Wasted opportunities

archived November 27, 2008

Trash - Nov 19

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Recycled waste could be stored on MoD bases
For the Digitally Deceased, a Profitable Graveyard
Cash for Trash Spurs Recycling Boom

archived November 19, 2008

Waste - Nov 13

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As world demand falls, prices for recyclables go in dumper
Paper price collapse blows hole in Britain's recycling strategy
Spotlight shines on light pollution

archived November 13, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 7

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Carbon-Capturing Rock
Is water the new oil?
Why small plastic particles may pose a big problem in the oceans
Swiss Guardian of our Climate video)

archived November 7, 2008

Spreading Manure over Astroturf: Why Ad Men Hate Brown

Kathy McMahon, Peak Oil Blues

Sharon Astyk is one of those “loony tunes” who shows her concern for the planet by depriving her children of central heat and baseball, or at least that’s how she’s portrayed in the New York Times article by writer Joanne Kaufman.
This article is part of a new media genre that takes the serious worries of almost two-thirds of Americans, and creates a special brand of pathology designed to stigmatize, pathologize, trivialize, and marginalize their concerns. In some articles, they call such activism “eco-anxiety” and seek out therapists who “treat” the “disorder.” In this article, she’s coined a new name for the ‘disease,’ calling it “carborexia,” and apparently it is a disease that is spreading.

archived October 24, 2008

Waste - Oct 22

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Unnatural resources - (mining landfills)
Better packaging, better benefits
Uncle Sam wants you: cardboard sculptures carry serious message about recycling

archived October 22, 2008

Food & agriculture - Oct 21

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Oregon farmers are loving biosolids
(Re)discovering (s)oil
Agriculture: Unsustainable Resource Depletion Began 10,000 Years Ago

archived October 21, 2008

Waste - Oct 20

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The Big Necessity: Why I Wrote a Book About Human Waste
The Zero Life: Two weeks, a zero-waste kit, and no trash
Minimizing waste, through the lens of the lab (text amd video)
A year without shopping

archived October 20, 2008

Dysfunction - Oct 16

Steve Andrews, Energy Bulletin

Mexico City: Bad air for growing brains and minds
Code green, stat! (environmental sins of hospitals)
Why journalists stay silent

archived October 15, 2008