Waste & recycling - Mar 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Rise In Frugality Leads To Drop In Trash Collection
SXSW FILM: Garbage Dreams
Large agriculture operations add billions to our economy but what price are we paying?

archived March 27, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Innovating for a low-carbon age
Minimalist living in Silicon Valley
Jason Bradford: Household and community food security
Maggots as good as gel in leg ulcer treatments
Reuse stores make use of refuse

archived March 22, 2009

Economics - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar
Too big to fail? Think again
The economy is a real killer (health and recession)
Keynes, capitalism, and the crisis (John Bellamy Foster interview)
China’s big recycling market is sagging

archived March 22, 2009

Water & environment - Mar 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Global forum seeks to avert water crisis
Preparing for Water Quarrels, if not Wars
Chilean Town Withers in Free Market for Water

archived March 18, 2009

Waste and recycling - March 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Volunteer army takes on oceans of trash
Boat made of plastic bottles to make ocean voyage
A call to go (nearly) paperless
As the economy slumps, so does trash

archived March 12, 2009

The lost art of bodging

Amanda Kovattana, Energy Bulletin

Bodging describes the act of creating things from a mish mash of available materials in a makeshift workshop. Derived from the term to bodge which specifically refers to the turning of tree branches into chair legs using a foot operated lathe. Such free materials as a bodger might use, today, can be found in the form of recyclables left on the curb and the rapidly disappearing "big trash" day.

archived March 7, 2009

Waste & recycling - March 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Are greener gadgets even possible?
Designing a Zero-Waste City: A Visit to the San Francisco Dump
Ethical Man's guide to making a fortune in a low-carbon world

archived March 4, 2009

Waste & recycling - Mar 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Yellow is the New Green
The Economist special report: Talking rubbish
The truth about recycling

archived March 2, 2009

From waste to living space - March 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Turning Shipping Containers Into Customizable, Affordable Housing
Junked cars morph into green manufactured houses
Review: Garbage Warrior
Dealing with the Coming Plague of Empty Superstores

archived March 1, 2009

United Kingdom - Feb 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Scottish greenwash: Dirty claims on clean coal
Is it selfish to have more than two children?
Dumped in Africa: Britain’s toxic waste

archived February 20, 2009