Privatisation & globalisation

US: Energy Industry, the Party Animals

Lisa Getter, Los Angeles Times

At lavish invitation-only bashes, corporations can freely spend unregulated dollars to woo political insiders.

archived September 1, 2004

Chevron seen influencing Schwarzenegger overhaul


Californian Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ambitious plan to reorganize almost every aspect of state government was influenced significantly by oil and gas giant ChevronTexaco Corp.

archived September 2, 2004

The boom that only oils the wheels of corruption in Equatorial Guinea

Cesar Chelala, International Herald Tribune

When oil was found in 1996 in Equatorial Guinea, the former Spanish colony in West Africa was one of the poorest countries in the world. Today, this small and sparsely populated country of 465,000 inhabitants has an offshore production of 350,000 bpd, making it the third largest sub-Saharan producer of oil, behind Nigeria and Angola. According to the African Development Bank, a year after oil was found, gross domestic product went up 76 %.

archived June 7, 2004

Banks Raise Profile on Energy Markets

Keyvan Hedvat, Reuters

Several European and U.S. banks have recently moved into the increasingly lucrative energy trading business or have taken steps to expand their involvement in oil, gas and power derivatives.

archived August 23, 2004

World Bank agrees to continue oil, gas lending

Laura MacInnis, Planet Ark

The World Bank this week agreed to continue making investments in oil, gas and mining, setting aside an independent review's recommendations that it phase out lending for such projects.

archived August 4, 2004

US: Energy Independence: The Ever-Receding Mirage

Ronald Bailey, Reason

President Bush and his Democratic opponent John Kerry are both for "energy independence"—like every other president for a generation. That elusive, but ultimately pointless, quest has been a central feature in American politics and policy for the past 30 years, ever since the October 1973 embargo on oil exports to the United States launched by Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Libya.

archived July 20, 2004

World creeping closer to `oil shock'

David Olive, Toronto Star

Energy crisis could loom, experts say. Politics, corporate moves are factors.

archived July 23, 2004

Oil giant Yukos faces dismantling

staff reporter, BBC News

Russian oil giant Yukos faced being torn apart after bailiffs said they would sell off its main operating arm to settle a $3.4bn bill for back taxes.

archived July 20, 2004

Chavez will visit China in October for talks on supplying crude oil to China

David Coleman,

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will visit China in October to talk about oil as China reaches out for more sources of supply to feed its booming economy.

archived July 18, 2004

Big Oil Protects its Interests

Aron Pilhofer and Bob Williams, Center for Public Integrity

The oil industry has lavished more than $440 million over the past six years on politicians, political parties and lobbyists in order to protect its interests in Washington, according to a new report by the Center for Public Integrity.

archived July 14, 2004