Privatisation & globalisation

Russian government concerned over possible depletion of mineral resources

Staff Reporter, Gateway to Russia

The sustainable development of the Russian mineral resources sector requires its demonopolization, according to Russian Natural Resources Minister Yuriy Trutnev.

archived November 11, 2004

China: Battle for Oil and Money, Kremlin Style

Antoaneta Bezlova, IPS

China may not have a flamboyant oil tycoon like Russia's Yukos ex-boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky but Beijing is embroiled in a similar, albeit smaller, court battle over oil and money as the Kremlin.

archived October 29, 2004

Iraq Is All About Oil -- And George W. Bush Wants Canada's Too

James McNulty, ZNet

The U.S. "already has" a lock on Canada's energy in the form of a stupendously dumb NAFTA agreement signed in the early 90s.

archived October 29, 2004

The State Jumps Back into the Market

Marcela Valente, IPS

A decade after the controversial privatisation of Argentina's oil, gas and power industries, the state is staging a return to the energy sector with a new company created to influence a market controlled by a handful of mainly foreign companies.

archived October 24, 2004

National backlash threatens British stakes in Bolivian gas

Carl Mortished, Times Online

INVESTMENTS by leading British energy companies in Bolivia’s huge gas reserves are under threat from a popular movement clamouring for nationalisation of the country’s hydrocarbon resources.

archived October 24, 2004

Halliburton whistle-blower's claims to be investigated

William C. Mann, Oakland Tribune

The Army has agreed to a Pentagon investigation into claims by a top contracting official that a Halliburton subsidiary unfairly won no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars for work in Iraq and the Balkans, according to Army documents obtained Sunday.

archived October 24, 2004

Iraq to phase out all subsidies: planning minister

AFP, Turkish Press

The Iraqi government plans to phase out slowly subsidies on basic products, such as oil and electricity, which comprise 50 percent of public spending, equal to 15 billion dollars, the planning minister said on Saturday.

archived October 22, 2004

No Longer Obeying Orders

George Monbiot,

In an excellent speech given in Johannesburg earlier this month, George Monbiot looks frankly and damningly at the state of corporate journalism, who's institutional interests are at odds with any potential policy changes addressing climate change and resource depletion, such as the imminent global oil peak.

archived October 20, 2004

'Book cooking still rife' claims Enron whistleblower

Will Sturgeon,

Speaking on the issue of Sarbanes-Oxley and highlighting the need for tighter compliance legislation, the key whistleblower at the heart of the Enron scandal has warned that 'cooking the books' is still very much a part of corporate America.

archived October 20, 2004

Oil-producing nations rank high in corruption

Associated Press, MSNBC

Most oil-producing nations are also rife with corruption, and oil companies should provide more information about their operations to help clean up the market, a global watchdog group said Wednesday in an annual report.

archived October 19, 2004