Privatisation & globalisation

Cheney’s Oil Change at the World Bank

Jim Vallette, Counter Punch

Dick Cheney, a long-time beneficiary of World Bank largess, has moved to take ownership of the world’s development coffers through his man, Wolfowitz. For his part, Wolfowitz will have a chance to extend his Iraq reconstruction theories to the global level. These concepts mostly involve U.S. control over energy resources.

archived March 30, 2005

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

Greg Palast, BBC News

The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.

archived March 16, 2005

American Account: America stymied as governments bid to control oil

Irwin Stelzer, Times Online (UK)

Concentration on fluctuations in oil prices has detracted attention from the fundamental geopolitical changes occurring in world oil and gas markets.

archived February 1, 2005

The scramble for oil is globalizing the G-7

William Pesek Jr., International Herald Tribune /Bloomberg

The Group of 7 leading industrialized nations is not what it used to be. That was amply demonstrated during the energy scare last year, when the most powerful economies stood impotent in the face of surging energy costs that threatened global growth.

archived January 29, 2005

State steps in for Yukos oil unit

Catherine Belton, The Guardian

Russia's state owned oil firm Rosneft has bought the mystery winner of Yukos' prize production unit in a move that nationalises 11% of the country's oil output even as a legal battle rages in America over the sale.

archived December 23, 2004

Who Owns the World's Oil?

George Caffentzis, Progress Report

What types of property ownership are best for the world? This article explores how petroleum and water are being owned and mis-owned worldwide from a libertarian perspective.

archived December 25, 2004

Iran expects WTO success after nuclear deal

AFP, Turkish Press

Iran will be looking for concrete EU support and a slight softening of United States policy when the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meets Monday to consider the Islamic republic's membership application.

archived December 12, 2004

The Corporate Attack on Organic Agriculture

Steve Sprinkel and Mark Kastel, Common Dreams

What could be wrong with farming in concert with nature—eliminating toxic agrichemicals and the use of genetically engineered crops? Well, plenty if you are a CEO at Monsanto, Dupont, or any number of other “life-sciences” companies that have invested in an escalating smear campaign aimed at discrediting organic farming.

archived December 7, 2004

Campesinos Vs Oil Industry: Bolivia Takes On Goliath Of Globalization

Will Braun, Znet

Olivera — a shoe factory worker by trade — says oil and gas are vital to the sort of country the people are creating. “We want a different country,” he says, “and for that we need an economic base.” He sees Bolivia's oil and gas reserves — second only to Venezuela on the continent — as the obvious economic foundation.

archived December 5, 2004

Main production unit of Yukos to be auctioned on Dec 19

AFP, Channel NewsAsia

The Russian government will auction off Yuganskneftegas, the main production unit of embattled oil giant Yukos, on December 19 with a starting price of 246.75 billion rubles (8.65 billion dollars), the federal property fund announced.

archived November 18, 2004