Privatisation & globalisation

Politics: The Eighty Percent Pay Cut

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

One of the unmentionable facts of today's politics is that the relative prosperity of the industrial nations depends on the impoverishment of the rest of the world. Lacking a willingness to deal with this reality, proposals for political solutions to peak oil and other aspects of our current predicament fall short.

archived November 2, 2006

Geopolitics - Oct 20

Staff, EB

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil \

Iraq: US May Have Weeks, Not Months, To Avert Civil War \

Can You Tell a Sunni From a Shiite? \

Bush signs torture bill; Americans lose essential freedom \

The Day the American Empire Ran Out of Gas

archived October 20, 2006

Iraq - Sept 29

Staff, EB

Iraq, China discuss reviving Saddam-era oil deals

Iraq's revival of China deal heartens oil majors

Attacks, missteps cost Iraq $16B in oil exports

Iraqi Kurds raise secession threat over oil

Clashes in Iraq as parliament acts to resolve autonomy issue

archived September 29, 2006

Geopolitics - Sept 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Yemen foils attacks on oil plants

Sinopec set for 51% stake in Yadavaran

Putin declines EU's energy charter

Pakistan: Hello al-Qaeda, goodbye America

archived September 17, 2006

Anti-G8 reports - July 19

Staff, EB

G8 'Energy Security' Plan Opposed over Climate, Nuclear Concerns /
G8 Leaders Play Russian Roulette with Climate Chaos /
Whole catalogue of failures leaves G8 looking increasingly irrelevant /
Worldwide Protests Slam G8 Support of Nuclear, Coal, Oil

archived July 19, 2006

Politics and economics - Jun 21

Staff, EB

Bush wrongfooted as Iran steps up international charm offensive /
Saudis to Supply Oil to China Strategic Reserves /
Shanghai surprise /
Venezuela, Colombia to Build Pipeline /
Mexico's energy future hinges on elections

archived June 21, 2006

Leaked plan: G8 Seeks to Promote "Trillions" of Dollars of Investment in Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy

Executive Analysis, Oil Change International

In a dramatic turn-around from last year's meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland, G8 leaders have set their sights
on expanding access to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Last year, G8 leaders focused on mitigating the
impacts of climate change and canceling debt.

archived March 18, 2006

Politics & economics headlines - Oct 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

US energy bill OKd in raucous vote /
Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group /
Gas row between China and Japan escalates /
Boom times await new BRIC powers /
Fool shortage? Not in Georgia /
US revs up the China threat /
Chavez interview - has 'strong oil card' /
High oil prices met with anger worldwide /
Pombo proposes offshore drilling

archived October 9, 2005

Why the Corporate Rich Oppose Environmentalism

Michael Parenti, ZNet / EB

In 1876, Marx's collaborator, Frederich Engels, offered a prophetic caveat: "Let us not... flatter ourselves overmuch on account of our human conquest over nature. For each such conquest takes its revenge on us."

archived August 15, 2005

Big Oil warns of coming energy crunch

Carola Hoyos, Financial Times

International oil companies have advertising campaigns warning that the world is running out of oil and calling on the public to help the industry do something about it.
Most of the executives ofThe world's five largest energy groups generally maintain that oil projects are viable with the price at which they test a project’s viability is within the around $20 a barrel. range. But their advertising and some of their companies' own statistics appear to tell a different story.

archived August 5, 2005