Privatisation & globalisation

Water: world crisis

Sarah Meyer, Index Research

"Water will be the oil of the 21st century."
(Mammoth collection of links and excerpts).

archived May 20, 2008

Food & agriculture - Apr 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canadian Medical Journal - Obesity reduction and its possible consequences: What can we learn from Cuba's Special Period?
The recipe for food rights (Vandana Shiva interview)

archived April 13, 2008

Back up the rabbit hole

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

At several points in the last quarter century, due to a brief constellation of short-term factors, petroleum prices dropped to levels lower in constant dollars than ever before in history. Collective decisions made on the assumption that such prices were normal need to be revisited in a hurry as more realistic energy costs reassert themselves.

archived February 6, 2008

Water: the impending apocalypse

Sarah Meyer, index research

I try to show the effects of fire, floods and drought on those living in impossible circumstances. Poor media coverage makes it difficult to understand the overall enormity of the crisis. (Comprehensive compilation of articles and commentary.)

archived November 28, 2007

Geopolitics - Oct 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy crunch threatens South American nations

Aussie coal to fuel Vietnam expansion
Amid an oil boom, poverty persists

archived October 15, 2007

Iraq and oil - Sept 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NY Times: Compromise on oil law in Iraq seems to be collapsing
Naomi Klein: Why failure is the new face of success
Michael Klare on the internal war for control of Iraq's oil
Iraq: New U.S. Base - Wasit

archived September 14, 2007

Iraq - Apr 25

Staff, EB

Iraqi oil: More plentiful than thought (and in a Sunni province)
Iraq: Big contracts for Big Oil

A warning over good news on Iraqi oil 'wealth'

archived April 25, 2007

Transport - Mar 3

Staff, EB

CO2 from shipping twice as much as airlines
NYC: the leisurely pleasures of a pedicab
Toronto gas shortage: Drivers urged to rethink
Plug-in hybrids for a sustainable future

archived March 3, 2007

CERA Conference - Feb 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Big Oil frets over rising costs, tough access

Ex-oil minister dis on Iraq oil

Big Oil sees big risks as it places big bets

archived February 17, 2007

Autos - Dec 21

Staff, EB

The Highwaymen - privatization of the roads

U.S. Interstate: A golden opportunity missed
Detroit: Misguided assault on autos won't solve energy crisis

Ford's new Super Duty trucks
The auto efficiency wedge

archived December 21, 2006