Privatisation & globalisation

Re-regulating utilities puts Californians in charge of energy destiny

Fred Keeley, Pasadena Star

With significant energy shortages forecast as early as 2006, California is dangerously close to experiencing a repeat of the energy crisis that nearly crippled our economy and threatened our environment a few years ago.

archived June 1, 2004

Africa's oil pool proves tantalising for sharks

Tim Butcher, The Age

Off the West African coast, the sharks are circling the sleepy "chocolate islands" of Sao Tome and Principe, eager to bite off slices of billions of dollars of hoped-for oil revenues.

archived May 31, 2004

A sunshine limit to growth

William Rees, The Ecologist

Sustainable development based on prevailing patterns of resource use is not even theoretically conceivable.

archived December 31, 2001

Is Truth Enough? - The Bush Administration's Lies and the Anti-War Movement's Truths

George Caffentzis, interactivist

A transcription of a talk given to the "Truth and Consequences" Anti-War Forum at the University of Maine, Augusta, Maine, on March 20, 2004.

archived March 21, 2004

EU, U.K. Near Accord on British Energy Rescue Aid, People Say

Robert McLeod, Bloomberg UK

European Commission regulators and the U.K. government are close to an agreement on a 1.5 billion-pound ($2.7 billion) state bailout for British Energy Plc, the country's biggest power generator, people familiar with the situation said.

archived May 12, 2004

New Zealand faces dramatic electricy price rises

Renee Kiriona, New Zealand Herald

New Zealand - News Roundup: Dramatic electricity price rises are on the horizon for homes and businesses this year.

archived January 19, 2004