Privatisation & globalisation

ODAC Newsletter - Oct 17

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A digest of news and commentary from a UK peak oil perspective

archived October 17, 2008

Peak oil & prices - Oct 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

James Taylor Prepares For Peak Oil, Fears Collapse Of Society
Oil has fallen to the lowest price in a year meaning respite for consumers as food prices are coming down
Finding Energy to Beat a Recession

archived October 10, 2008

United States & Canada - Oct 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NYT's Friedman discusses solutions to world's climate, energy, and population problems (video & transcript)
Politics of drilling, financial bailout heading into elections (video & transcript)
Fukuyama: The Fall of America, Inc.
Ok, Now What?
Atlanta Q&A: Why gasoline supplies went south

archived October 6, 2008

Water - Sept 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California took on energy crisis, now it faces water crisis
FLOW: The Film that Will Change the Way You Think About Water
The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies
Bottled Water at Issue in Great Lakes

archived September 30, 2008

Peeling the Onion: What’s Behind the Financial Mess?

Sharon Astyk, Casaubon's Book

If you want a pat answer to what has caused the financial crisis that is reverberating around the world, and now threatening the derivatives market, we’ve got one. Nearly everyone - in the mainstream media and outside it, tells the same story - that the crisis was caused by the unravelling of the housing market, particularly the US housing market. And if you ask what’s behind that, well, we're told there was a bubble. And if you ask what was behind the bursting of the bubble, well...;it is turtles all the way down.
I'm going to suggest that if you peel off the layers of the financial crisis, we’re going to find some pretty basic things...

archived September 26, 2008

Peak oil - Sept 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Of pipelines and the future
Here comes $500 oil - Matt Simmons in Fortune Magazine
Will the price of oil put a brake on globalisation?

archived September 26, 2008

Geopolitics - Sept 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.S. pushing through dozens of foreign weapons deals
China paper urges new currency order after "tsunami"
Low Crude Prices - Cold War Flashback?
Medvedev: Russia needs to mark its Arctic territory

archived September 18, 2008

Transport - August 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

We drive as we live
It is time for the US to sell its highways?
As Americans fill trains, frustration grows

archived August 29, 2008

The road to extinction

Sarah Meyer, Index Research

Compilation of articles not only about global warming but also about species that have become extinct or are an endangered species. Massive.

archived August 27, 2008

Globalization - August 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China chemicals starve Indian pharma
Transport costs could alter world trade
Exports account for one-third of China’s emissions

archived August 15, 2008