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In the Capital of the Car, Nature Stakes a Claim

KATE STOHR, New York Times via Infoshop

DETROIT- PAUL WEERTZ lives less than 10 minutes from downtown, but the view from his window is anything but urban. On a warm day this fall, the air was ripe with the smell of fresh-cut hay and manure. In the alley behind his house, bales of hay teetered and listed where garbage cans once stood. Chickens scratched in the yard, near a garage that had been turned into a barn. Mr. Weertz drives a Ford — not a sleek sedan but a rebuilt 1960 tractor.

archived December 3, 2003

Silver photovoltaic solar advances from Australia

ANU, Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems

Up to 92% savings of the silicon wafers are achieved with Sliver cell technology. Extremely light cell with power to weight ratio greater than 1500 W/kg have also demonstrated.

archived January 14, 2004

Safe to breath

Shane Perryman, Energy Bulletin

The Guardian recently ran an article titled: "The oxygen crisis: Could the decline of oxygen in the atmosphere undermine our health and threaten human survival?)

Not to worry. The O2 released from photosynthesis comes from H2O. Thus there will never be a shortage of material for the production of O2 so long as there is water on this planet. There is no "peak oxygen."

archived August 21, 2000