Environment & sustainablity

Peak oil news - July 13

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly review:
- Demand, production and prices
- Washington
- Briefs

archived July 13, 2009

Deep thought - July 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A problem of security
Energy Bill Ignores Resource Depletion
Interview with Carolyn Baker about her book Sacred Demise
Peak oil means peak food as well

archived July 13, 2009

World Leaders, the economy & the environment - July 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Just 96 months to save world, says Charles
Pope Urges New World Economic Order
UN chief: G8 must go further on emissions

archived July 12, 2009

The wealth of nature

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

The Archdruid continues his survey of ecological economics with a look at the economic role of natural processes. If, as studies suggest, three-fourths of all economic value in the world today is produced by nature rather than human labor, is it time to start treating nature as the primary economy, and human economic activity as a secondary economy dependent on it?

archived July 9, 2009

Economics - July 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia, India Question Dollar Reliance Before Summit
"Free" vs. Peak Oil
The Elusive Green Economy

archived July 7, 2009

Energy descent and transition in Mexico, part 1

Holger Hieronimi, Energy Bulletin

“In Mexico nothing happens, until it happens.” This is an old proverb here, and it can also easily apply to the current situation. Everything feels tranquilo and smooth, as if it is nothing out of the ordinary. However, as history shows us, once something begins in Mexico, it generally develops rapidly, and can end up being intensely spectacular.

archived June 5, 2009

Food & agriculture - July 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Street Farmer
The WaPo serves up a food-politics column
Sustainable Food Blogs
Fears for the world's poor countries as the rich grab land to grow food
Interest in bees and chickens soars ahead of final Royal Show
Agriculture and Food in Crisis

archived July 6, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - July 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Renewable power? Not in your lifetime
Seven Paths to Our Energy Future
Wesley Clark: Ethanol's field general
Energy Secty Chu's alternative choice
Can I Clean Your Clock?
World`s largest cement firms slash production emissions by a third

archived July 6, 2009

Peak oil & prices & supplies - July 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Another perspective on peak oil: Oil patch merger specialist Adam Waterous
Book Review: Blackout by Richard Heinberg
Peak oil v home-made jam
Flashing Lights on the Console: Albert Bates and Heinberg podcast

archived July 6, 2009

A brief ecological manifesto

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

For a European website I attempted to write a concise, blunt assessment of our ecological predicament in hopes that perhaps at least one person of influence might read and understand what I believe we face: "We are in overshoot. Failure to recognize this fact and act on it will ultimately condemn humans worldwide to nature's cure for this condition: collapse."

archived July 5, 2009