New currencies

Buying time? No, they're spending it

Mary Ann Albright, Corvallis Gazette Times

A report on the initial success of a community currency in Benton County, Oregon.

archived February 19, 2005

The Future of Money

Paul Hartzog, Mindjack

Any currency that can maintain its value among its users can function. Historically, many alternative, or local, currencies have worked and many still do.

archived February 1, 2005

Argentina,Venezuela Fuel-For-Food Deal To Continue

Laurence Norman & Raul Gallegos, Dow Jones newswire/Alexanders Gas & Oil

BUENOS AIRES (Dow Jones)--Argentina and Venezuela will extend this year's fuel-for-food accord over the coming years, giving Argentina the option to continue importing diesel and gasoil from its South American neighbor, if current gas and power shortages remain a problem.(Adds comments from Planning Minister De Vido's spokesman saying this year's $ 240 million fuel contract deal would be renewed in 2005.)

archived July 21, 2004

Ist der Dollar am Ende?

Niall Ferguson, NZZ am Sonntag

Die Vereinigten Staaten haben sich innert kurzer Zeit vom Weltbankier zum weltweit grössten Schuldner gewandelt.

archived June 19, 2004

The dollar dilemma

Niall Ferguson, Australian Financial Review

In a very short time the United States went from the world banker to the history's largest debtor nation.

archived June 10, 2004