New currencies

Solutions & sustainability - Oct 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australia’s first Transition Town!
Investing that is really socially responsible
Life without lights in a Ghanaian village
Trials and tribulations of setting up a local Climate Action group

archived October 5, 2007

Biofuels - July 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

David Blume's Alcohol Can Be A Gas book
LS9 promises 'renewable petroleum'

Poison plant could help to cure the planet
The ethanol effect

archived July 31, 2007

Solutions & sustainability - June 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

New age town in U.S. embraces dollar alternative
Notes on the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
Alex Steffen: Limits and brilliance

archived June 20, 2007

George Monbiot on Peak Oil and Transition Towns

George Monbiot, Transition Culture

"Over the past two or three years or so, I’ve become pretty sure that peak oil isn’t as imminent as I first thought. There are a couple of reasons for this."

archived April 11, 2007

The Iran oil bourse - a new direction?

Chris Cook, RedMoney-Islamic Finance News

The “Iran Oil Bourse” project, beloved of Internet conspiracy theorists, has taken on something of a mythical character, not unlike the Loch Ness Monster, with persistent sightings but an absence of actual manifestation. Hopefully this article will both dispel the myths, and set the scene for what is potentially an extremely important development, particularly for the Islamic world.

archived December 10, 2006

A new kind of money

Julian Darley, AlterNet

The decline in the availability of cheap energy is likely to be accompanied by an equally ominous possibility of world financial meltdown. That we are facing both of these threats now is not an accident: energy and financial stability are intimately linked. I believe the solutions for dealing with these twinned threats are equally linked.

archived July 24, 2006

UK: Minister unveils carbon swipe-card plan

David Adam and David Batty, Guardian Unlimited

The environment minister, David Miliband, today unveiled a radical plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Under the scheme, all UK citizens from the Queen down would be allocated an identical annual carbon allowance stored as points on an electronic card. Surplus points would be tradable.

archived July 20, 2006

Fun while it lasted

Stephanie Mills, Energy Bulletin

Living in expectation of this civilization’s collapse, which I do, can be isolating. It’s like having historical-epochal halitosis. You don’t get invited back to dinner parties after trying to engage people on the topic of our imminent decline and fall.

archived June 22, 2006

Local Energy - Local Currency - Local Power

Rob Hopkins, Transition Culture

Loss of faith in national currencies could lead to economic paralysis. Local currencies can provide solutions while stimulating local trade and relocalisation efforts. Renewable energy backed local currencies may be an important economic invigorator in a post-peak world.

archived January 30, 2006

Thinking ahead of the curve on oil depletion - tradeable fuel entitlements

Michael Lardelli, ABC Radio National (Au)

Transcript of a broadcast advocating tradeable fuel entitlements as the best means of negotiating the peak & decline of oil supply.

archived May 2, 2005