New currencies

Collapse +11 years in the Napa Valley

Mick Winter, Napa Valley Life Magazine

As I sip my morning espresso, I have a brief moment of longing for an earlier time when I could make my stovetop coffee quickly on a gas burner. It takes a lot longer using this electric one. Little did we know that gas was right behind oil in peaking. Fortunately we finally have plenty of solar-produced electricity and, once again, access to coffee. So it's a minor inconvenience, but just another reminder of things we used to take for granted.

archived December 21, 2008

Economics - Oct 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Resurgence of risk - a primer on the develop(ed) credit crunch
Locabucks: Are local currencies a way to escape the liquidity trap?
Chris Cook: A new dawn for Iran (the 'carbon dollar' based on energy )
Reality Report episodes on economics

archived October 12, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Oct 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The futureproofers
Rural communities best equipped to cope with climate change: UN report
World Resources 2008: Roots of Resilience - Growing the Wealth of the Poor
Natural healing

archived October 8, 2008

Finding Main Street good in the Wall Street crash

Bob Waldrop, Blog

Going forward into the peak oil decline years, strong local economies are all that stand between us and collapse... When people shift their money from trans-continental banks to local banks and credit unions, their money goes to work in their own neighborhood and strengthens the real, local economy where they live and work.

archived October 5, 2008

Organic Money

Gene Logsdon,

Surrounded by shade trees and gardens, about 200 people, a surprising number for such a rural setting, stood around in little knots talking spiritedly about subjects that all came under the heading of Home Economics: local food; natural medicine; home-based alternative energy; home birthing; home schooling, even, get this, home churching.

archived September 23, 2008

United Kingdom - August 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Stark warning on Britain's shrinking coast
Town that gave itself a licence to print money
Locals barter for beer with food

archived August 18, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - June 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Profile of bio-regionalist Stephanie Mills
How to cut your fuel bills 80% or more (software)
Introducing a new currency - the "Carbon"
Burbank Water & Power: Smart grids, WiFi, renewables

archived June 27, 2008

The end of money?

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

What could wreck the world's currencies is a desire to offset the effects of the ever-tightening noose of resource scarcity caused by the approach of peak oil, the march of climate change, and the rapid industrialization of the Far East. The desire to offset these effects is already expressing itself through easy money policies and the financing of government expenditures through borrowing rather than taxation.

archived June 2, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Mar 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Clothing (partially) made in Vermont
Megan Quinn Bachman interview
WorldChanging: How are you preparing to survive?

archived March 2, 2008

Economics - Dec 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Economics in Transition (alternative currencies)
Price tag in mortgage crisis is looking like real money
Review of Squeezed: Diary Of The Onset Of The Greater Depression

archived December 2, 2007