Petrodollars & US dollar

Geopolitics - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Internet interruption in the Middle East looks fishy (Iran oil bourse)
Spying against oil-rich Norway
Gazprom: gas talks with Ukraine end in failure
Chalmers Johnson: Oil wars and overreach

Venezuela's U.S. assets too hard to freeze: Exxon
Oil resources at stake in Chad conflict

archived February 8, 2008

Iran oil bourse scheduled

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Iran was scheduled to inaugurate its long-awaited oil bourse this coming week. However, communication cables have been cut three times, disrupting Web service to portions of the Middle East and Asia. This may impact the bourse. (Links and background)

archived February 3, 2008

The dislodging of another leg from Western primacy

Steve LeVine, The Oil and the Glory

The western oil companies that have swaggered their way through the halls of power since the beginning of the last century are losing out to Aramco, Gazprom, PetroChina, and so on. Now another underpinning of Western primacy in the world -- global finance -- is going the same way.

archived January 15, 2008

Oil prices & supply - Dec 20

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Michael Lynch: A hard rain is gonna fall on pil prices (probably)
$100 Oil: It’s a New Beginning: Economides
Could OPEC drop dollar for euro?

archived December 20, 2007

United States - Dec 4

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Tension over oil at the edge of Alaska
Auto industry backs CAFÉ deal
Lawmakers to raise fuel efficiency
The candidates on energy
New push for 'green collar' jobs
Petrodollar greenfare
The Finance Round-Up

archived December 4, 2007

The dollar - Nov 29

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Economist: Gulf countries rethink currency pact with the dollar
Jerome a Paris: Concern-trolling the euro
Ecuador's Correa pushing OPEC to switch to stronger currency

Facing up to the falling dollar

archived November 29, 2007

United States - Nov 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Kucinich, Clinton, and Edwards on climate and energy
Why is Dick Cheney smiling?

The falling dollar and prestige (Daniel Yergin of CERA)

archived November 27, 2007

National policies - Nov 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australian election: peak oil policy responses
UK's Brown a bright-green revolutionary?

Will OPEC dump the dollar?

archived November 21, 2007

U.S. response - Nov 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Rep. Bartlett: Why is oil/gas SO expensive?
U.S. Energy Secretary Bodman: not worried by OPEC dollar debate
Peak oil production and the implications to the state of Connecticut (report)

archived November 20, 2007

United States turnaround? - Nov 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California's lesson for A low-carbon future
Energize America- starting work on a new version
OPEC considers move off dollar peg, will Russia be first?
U.S. excess vs. nature’s limits
The road to energy conservation

archived November 20, 2007