Petrodollars & US dollar

Ten specious fallacies on current world's high oil prices


The anxiety, tension and panic induced by the oil prices permeate between the markets and the governments, which in turn makes it harder for people to understand the international oil market, and its underlying relationship to geo-politics and geology.

archived December 31, 1969

Thailand And Iran To Start Barter Trade

staff reporter, Tehran Times

Thailand hopes to export Thai sugar to Iran in return for copper and oil from Tehran, the industry minister told journalists here.

archived August 7, 2004

The real reasons Bush went to war

John Chapman, The Guardian

WMD was the rationale for invading Iraq. But what was really driving the US were fears over oil and the future of the dollar

archived July 27, 2004

Indiana Jones and the China crusade

Nils Pratley, The Guardian

"The American dollar is a flawed currency and will collapse in value before the end of the decade, taking with it the prosperity of the American nation." Rogers' reasoning is straightforward: raw materials are running out.

archived July 2, 2004

Why should the United States care who is the President of Venezuela?

Karl B. Koth,

Peak Oil, petrodollars and the US interest in Venezuala

archived June 28, 2004

Ist der Dollar am Ende?

Niall Ferguson, NZZ am Sonntag

Die Vereinigten Staaten haben sich innert kurzer Zeit vom Weltbankier zum weltweit grössten Schuldner gewandelt.

archived June 19, 2004

The dollar dilemma

Niall Ferguson, Australian Financial Review

In a very short time the United States went from the world banker to the history's largest debtor nation.

archived June 10, 2004

The Virtual US Recovery is in Trouble

William Engdahl, Current Concerns

The period after November is pre-programmed to be one of the most dramatic in US economic history. The Federal Reserve will then try to print dollars like crazy to control the collapse. The impact of the new US economic decline will be worldwide. It will hit just as the first alarming signs of oil peak production impact the world.

archived January 31, 2004

It's not about oil or Iraq. It's about the US and Europe going head-to-head on world economic dominance.

Geoffrey Heard, Radio4All

Why is George Bush so hell bent on war with Iraq? Why does his administration reject every positive Iraqi move? It all makes sense when you consider the economic implications for the USA of not going to war with Iraq. The war in Iraq is actually the US and Europe going head to head on economic leadership of the world.

archived December 31, 2003

OPEC mulls move to euro for pricing crude oil

PATRICK BRETHOUR, Globe and Mail Update

OPEC is considering a move away from using the U.S. dollar — and to the euro — to set its price targets for crude oil, the highest-profile manifestation of the debilitating effect of depreciation on the greenback's standing as the currency of international commerce.

archived January 11, 2004