Petrodollars & US dollar

China, the US and the dollar - July 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How long will China finance America?
Geithner-Dollar to remain world's key reserve currency
Yuan small step
History suggests it could be decades before the dollar is dislodged

archived July 17, 2009

Peak oil notes - Jun 25

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly round-up including:
- Prices and production
- Iraq

archived June 25, 2009

The peak oil crisis: the year of the dollar

Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press

As strange as it may seem, the peak oil crisis, which has been focused on geologic constraints to oil production, supply and demand, geopolitical threats and inadequate investment, seems to be morphing into an issue of how much debt the U.S. Treasury can sell and still keep interest rates under control.

archived June 18, 2009

Maintaining Our Prosperity

Lionel Orford, Lionel Orford

Australia’s new Energy White Paper will be crucial in dealing prudently and effectively with the immense challenges facing Australia as the era of cheap energy and the economic system based upon it comes to an end. We are now in the early stages of an unprecedented economic failure - the terminal decline and probable collapse of global Capitalism.

archived June 15, 2009

Peak oil - May 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Jeff Rubin's new book on peak oil
Canada's reckless carbon habit
Oil: No Supply Side Answer to the Coming Crisis

archived May 11, 2009

Economics & consequences - April 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Switzerland's one-man bank
Survey: Americans reclassifying luxury, necessity in recession
Crisis plunges US middle class into poverty
Sharon Astyk: Rates of return
US ‘soft power’ and the banks

archived April 25, 2009

Economics - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar
Too big to fail? Think again
The economy is a real killer (health and recession)
Keynes, capitalism, and the crisis (John Bellamy Foster interview)
China’s big recycling market is sagging

archived March 22, 2009

Cheap oil and geopolitics - Feb 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China Changes Calculus for Petro-Rulers
China prepares to buy up foreign oil companies
China, Venezuela bolster 'strategic fund' for development

archived February 24, 2009

Deep thought - Jan 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Embracing Petrocollapse
A New Kind of Big Science
Seven Grams CO2 per Google Search? Not True or Relevant, but Fun To Repeat

archived January 15, 2009

Prices & supplies - Jan 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Falling Oil Prices: Again, Blame Speculators
Oil Tumbles 12 Percent as U.S. Supplies Rise More Than Forecast
Era of Cheap Energy 'Will Never Return'
Norway Sees Oil Production Falling 9.7% This Year

archived January 9, 2009