Natural gas - March 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Can natural gas break our oil habit?
Anatomy of a natural gas price spike
CNQ needs higher gas prices to drill
The coming liquid fuels crisis: the natural gas (partial) solution
Natural Gas Vehicles—how much can they reduce oil imports?

archived March 7, 2009

Surviving two billion cars: China must lead the way

Deborah Gordon and Daniel Sperling, Yale Environment 360

The number of vehicles worldwide is expected to reach two billion in the next two decades. Surprisingly, China – where the demand for cars has been skyrocketing – just may offer the best hope of creating a new, greener transportation model.

archived March 5, 2009

The coming liquid fuels crisis: the natural gas (partial) solution

Martin Payne, Peak Opportunities

Recently, Dr. Robert Hirsch wrote an article titled "Peak oil - what do we do now?". This brief but content-laden article opined that Peak Oil was essentially past tense, and it correctly implied that little mitigation has taken place, to date...but notably missing was any mention of natural gas.

archived March 5, 2009

The national aviation policy: flight path to the future?

Cameron Leckie, The Oil Drum

Submissions to the Australian Government’s National Aviation Policy (NAP) Green paper have just closed. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is no mention of peak oil nor its impacts in the Green Paper.

archived March 5, 2009

The 2008 oil price spike and the airline industry

Charles Schlumberger, Principal Air Transport Specialist of the World Bank , Annals of Air and Space Law via Global Public Media

In July 2008, the price of crude oil reached an historical high level of US$147 per barrel. However, as a consequence of falling demand over the following six months, the price declined by well over 60%. This article examines the causes behind the oil price spike, which has become a serious commercial threat to many airlines.

archived March 5, 2009

Transport - Mar 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Walk, Baby, Walk
High speed, high cost, high income rail
Ignoring trains puts U.S. on the wrong track

archived March 2, 2009

Oil & industry - Feb 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Jeff Rubin on oil prices: another spike on the horizon
World Bank specialist: The 2008 oil price spike and the airline industry
New taxes for oil and gas companies: where does this lead us?
The final shape of the European energy market is emerging: an oligopoly

archived February 28, 2009

Peak oil notes - Feb 26

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A mid-week review, including:
- Prices and production
- The Automakers

archived February 26, 2009

Transport - Feb 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

In Amsterdam, the bicycle still rules
Slice of stimulus package will go to faster trains
Aviation lobbying in UK
Drop in passenger numbers delays Stansted expansion by two years
Review: Two Billion Cars

archived February 23, 2009

Dysfunction & bad ideas - Feb 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Warning! Eating books could seriously damage your health
Will the Obama administration track your driving?
The Onion takes on high-tech consumerism

archived February 21, 2009