Transport - Apr 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Boats Too Costly to Keep Are Littering Coastlines
Clash of Subways and Car Culture in Chinese Cities
Surveillance box to track UK drivers is backed

archived April 2, 2009

Transport - Mar 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

'Nano will add to global pollution'
In Praise of the Lowly Bus
David Strahan, The Independent

archived March 30, 2009

Testimony to the Australian Senate inquiry into public transport funding

Dr James Buckee, ASPO-Australia, Hansard, Parliament of Australia

I have had 37 years in the oil industry. I was CEO of a large company for the last 16 years and I have just retired. ... I would make the following observations: there are virtually no unexplored basins in the world. The ones that there are might be in the Arctic, and that illustrates the point quite neatly because it is obviously really difficult to get that.

archived March 28, 2009

Transport - Mar 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Cycling enthusiasts turn their hobby into a vocation by training as bike mechanics
Is the world's cheapest car on the road to ruin?
Cars were a bubble” – General Motors

archived March 24, 2009

Housing & urban design - Mar 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

In Hard Times, Public Places are More Important Than Ever
Kunstler on South Africa
Robert Rapier's Year Without a Car

archived March 20, 2009

UK & Europe - Mar 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK road traffic rises 25% in 15 years
'Miracle' saved Balkans from blackout during gas crisis
Climate causes Switzerland and Italy to redraw border
Swiss direct democracy protects against modern world "change bias"

archived March 20, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - Mar 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Slow movement picks up speed in the Bay Area
New documentary Heather and Goliath (woman takes on the Corps of Engineers over Los Angeles River)
You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie

archived March 18, 2009

Transport - Mar 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

$8 billion could help revive travel by train
Start-ups are racing to get electric motorbikes to market
New book: "Pedaling Revolution"
Electric Cars and Peak Lithium
Powerdown Toolkit # 5: Getting Around- Transport and Mobility
Heathrow's third runway: planning for aviation boom times is no way to deal with economic bust

archived March 18, 2009

The Zero Carbon caravan: sail and bike to Copenhagen!

Chris Keene, Culture Change

The idea is to get to the Copenhagen climate talks this year without using any fossil fuels (that is going to be mainly cycling and sailing, but could include other methods such as sea kayaking too, as long as no fossil fuels are involved) to demand "a Zero Carbon World."

archived March 14, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - 13 Mar

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective.

archived March 13, 2009