Transport - June 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Too Stupid To Survive
How Canada fell from leader to laggard in high-speed rail... and why that needs to change
This Woman Is Redefining Public Transportation

archived June 16, 2009

Transport - June 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.S. trains take longer now than 30-60 years ago
Oil's Ascent To Ground Airlines Again
Environmental assessment of passenger transportation should include infrastructure and supply chains

archived June 10, 2009

Transport - June 5

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Spain’s High-Speed Rail Offers Guideposts for U.S.
Interview: Nancy Kete on the Future of the American Transportation System
Bike Messenger
South East Queensland's transport system in the peak oil and climate change era

archived June 5, 2009

Cycle Wild wants you to get back to nature... by bike

Daniel Liu, Bike Portland

“A rideshed is basically the distance you can ride on a loaded bike on a summer day. It’s approximately 80-90 miles, but our range is greatly extended by the MAX [light rail in Portland]"

archived June 4, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - June 2

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Jeff Vail: The Renewables Hump 3: The Target
Electricity figures show energy efficiency isn't working
'Clean-tech' start-ups are pushing the green button

archived June 2, 2009

General Motors RIP

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Michael Moore: Goodbye, GM
Eulogies for General Motors
P.J. O’Rourke: The End of the Affair

archived June 2, 2009

Shattered and shuttered

James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation

My daddy bought Chevrolets in the 1950s, marvelously crazy-looking machines with winged tail-lights that handled like pontoon boats, broke down after 30,000 miles, and were tossed out every couple of years not on account of their mechanical failures so much as their obvious lack of up-to-the-minute styling. The post-war prosperity dazzled his generation with its democratic cornucopian bonanzas. The innocence of all that is truly lost now. There is a dark sense of things shifting out there now in a major way.

archived June 1, 2009

Obama tackles the liquid fuels problem

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA

Today I’ll try to explain President Obama’s policy for decreasing oil consumption in the United States. Right now the administration has so many balls in the air that it is impossible to make a definite statement about what the effects of their initiatives will be, but a coherent policy is emerging if you gather all the pieces together.

archived May 30, 2009

The peak oil crisis: the electric car: part II

Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press

Unless we have an economic depression far worse than most currently believe is likely, the chances are good that within the next five years a combination of emissions restrictions and falling oil supplies is going to make gasoline too expensive for routine use in private automobiles.

archived May 28, 2009

One & two wheels - May 28

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Goods by Bicycle in China
Not Just Present at Work, but Presentable
Vancouver engineer invents self-balancing unicycle

archived May 28, 2009