San Francisco peak oil task force report

San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force, City & County of San Francisco

San Francisco was born at the beginning of the oil age, and the city has flourished during an era in which fossil fuels became the foundation of our economy and society...Task Force Members will present their findings to members of the Board of Supervisors’ Government Oversight and Audit Committee in Room 263 of City Hall at 2:00 PM on Thursday, July 23. Interested readers in the San Francisco Bay Area are invited to join them in room 263, City Hall, at 2:00 P.M.

archived July 21, 2009

Housing & urban design - July 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Montgomery Panel Passes Redevelopment Plan
A New Enforcer in Buildings, the Energy Inspector
Questioning the direction of transportation policy

archived July 21, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - July 17

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective

archived July 17, 2009

Transport - July 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

England's pork barrel politics is paying for airlines to burn the planet
Groups plan pedal power for the homeless
Ontario looks to jolt electric car market
On the Streets of China, Electric Bikes Are Swarming
Get wired (again): Trolleybuses and Trolleytrucks

archived July 16, 2009

Peak oil news - July 13

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly review:
- Demand, production and prices
- Washington
- Briefs

archived July 13, 2009

Grains and how we get them - July 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

This post talks about a seldom-mentioned aspect of local sustainable food production: how do we get our carbs? Local and urban fruit and veg production is all very well and needs to be encouraged, but as East Anglia Food Link Coordinator Tully Wakeman says, "...fruit and veg supplies only about 10% of our calories". How and where our grains are grown, and how they can be sustainably transported and processed form the crux of this issue.

archived July 6, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - July 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

David de Rothschild: Saving the world, one adventure at a time
Before We 'Save' Journalism
Auto-ban: German town goes car-free

archived July 10, 2009

Bikes and traffic - July 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How driving a car into Manhattan costs $160
Bicycle Production Reaches 130 Million Units
Bike Among the Ruins

archived July 8, 2009

Deep thought - July 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bugging Out
How Politics Works and Why Activism is So Important
Risk Assessments: Playing the "What If?" Game
The Future of Transport
Dopamine Returned on Energy Invested (DREI)?
Tällberg Forum 2009
One Second After: A Book Review from a Prepper's Perspective
Ruins of a Second Gilded Age

archived July 6, 2009

Transport - July 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Boeing's nightmare: Qantas dumps Dreamliners
Why gardening is more dangerous than cycling
Feathered fuel tank soaks up hydrogen

archived July 1, 2009