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Don't gripe about gas prices


Oil prices, at their highest levels for more than a decade, are trending upward. Natural gas prices are going out of sight. Yet more blips in the ups and downs of fuel costs? Or, as many believe, the start of an era of ever-more-expensive energy?

archived May 10, 2004

Wakeup Call on the Food Front

Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute

While Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and President Bush discussed Taiwan, currency rates and North Korea on December 9, a more important and far-reaching development in U.S.-China relations was going on far from the White House.

archived December 15, 2003

Fast Food World: Perils and Promises of the Global Food Chain (excerpt)

er, EnergyResources

Q: Do you think that we have changed the carrying capacity of the earth through fossil fuels to the extent that we could not support the current population with organic agriculture free of synthetic fertilizers?

archived January 14, 2004

In the Capital of the Car, Nature Stakes a Claim

KATE STOHR, New York Times via Infoshop

DETROIT- PAUL WEERTZ lives less than 10 minutes from downtown, but the view from his window is anything but urban. On a warm day this fall, the air was ripe with the smell of fresh-cut hay and manure. In the alley behind his house, bales of hay teetered and listed where garbage cans once stood. Chickens scratched in the yard, near a garage that had been turned into a barn. Mr. Weertz drives a Ford — not a sleek sedan but a rebuilt 1960 tractor.

archived December 3, 2003

Grains soar as supplies fall, oil firm

Reuters, Forbes

CHICAGO - Grain prices soared on Monday after the U.S. Agriculture Department jolted the world market by shrinking its estimates of last year's U.S. crops and its projections for 2004 world grain stockpiles.

archived December 31, 2003

World grain harvest down 6.6%

Brandon Copple, The Regional

Foreign corn production is expected to drop by 900 million bushels in the 2003-2004 crop year, according to University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist Darrel Good.

archived December 22, 2003

World Food Prices Rising

Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute

Decades of Environmental Neglect Shrinking Harvests in Key Countries

archived April 27, 2004


Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute

The Shifting Terms of Trade Between Grain and Oil. In 1970, a bushel of wheat could be traded for a barrel of oil in the world market. It now takes nine bushels of wheat to buy a barrel of oil.

archived April 13, 2004

When the last oil well runs dry

Alex Kirby, BBC

Just as certain as death and taxes is the knowledge that we shall one day be forced to learn to live without oil.

archived April 18, 2004