Polar Regions

‘Peak oil’ a focus of 35th annual Earth Day

Dan Fiorucci, 2 News Newshour

On this 35th anniversary of Earth Day, environmentalists gathered at the University of Alaska library to discuss the world’s energy future. Meanwhile pressure builds to drill oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

archived April 22, 2005

Could wind generators slow climate mixing and the arctic thaw?

Michael Lucking, Energybulletin.net

Thought-provoking comments from an alert Newfoundland reader, following on from the 'methane-burps' fears covered previously. Could suitably placed wind turbines reduce climate mixing, slow the warming of arctic regions, and so avoid catastrophic methane emissions from thawing tundra?

archived March 16, 2005

Methane Burps: Ticking Time Bomb

John Atcheson, Baltimore Sun (Common Dreams)

If we trigger this runaway release of methane, there's no turning back. No do-overs. Once it starts, it's likely to play out all the way.

archived December 15, 2004

Fast decline of magnetic field hints at reversal

William J. Broad, The Mercury News / NYT

The collapse of the Earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago.

archived July 12, 2004

The debate over arctic oil drilling erupts again

Judi Holland, Seattle P.I.

WASHINGTON -- Hoping to capitalize on public ire over record-high gasoline prices, advocates of opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration predict the House next week will authorize drilling there.

archived June 11, 2004

Alaska Thaws, Complicating the Hunt for Oil

archived January 12, 2004