Polar Regions

Environment - June 25

Staff, EB

Greenland's ice sheet is slip-sliding away / Study finds strong warming tie to hurricanes /
Humans 'destroying coastal life' since Roman times

archived June 25, 2006

Environment - May 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

On water vapor and climate change /
NRDC's David Hawkins on the state of global warming science /
Oil companies have a recipe for the Arctic: Defrost, drill, guzzle /
Canada censorship on global warming helps produce a brisk seller

archived May 1, 2006

Environment - Apr 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK scientists attack oil firms' role in huge Arctic project /
Global warming sparks a scramble for black gold under retreating ice /
While Washington slept (why we're late on climate change) /
California tackles greenhouse emissions

archived April 19, 2006

Little time to avoid big thaw, scientists warn

Peter N. Spotts, Christian Science Monitor

Global warming appears to be pushing vast reservoirs of ice on Greenland and Antarctica toward a significant, long-term meltdown. The world may have as little as a decade to take the steps to avoid this scenario.

archived March 24, 2006

Environment - Mar 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Elizabeth Kolbert: Chilling (global warming and irresponsibility) /
Rewriting the science (NASA's Hansen and censorship) /
Chilling proof that glacier meltdown is getting faster /
Changing climate threatening development

archived March 20, 2006

Environment - Mar 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Northern ozone pollution spurs Arctic warming: NASA /
Evidence of the warming West is everywhere /
States calculate global warming pricetag /
Mike Davis: "Planet of Slums" /
Ice retreats in Arctic for 2nd year; will it vanish? /
Elizabeth's Kolbert's book on climate change /
Will climate change worsen infectious diseases? /
CU-Boulder's Roger Pielke on the rising cost of natural disasters

archived March 16, 2006

Environment - Mar 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Pollution [CO2] soaring to crisis levels in Arctic /
Review: climate change books by Tim Flannery and Elizabeth Kolbert /
Ecopunkt (points of environmental vulnerability) /
NASA puts its weight behind climate warming signs

archived March 13, 2006

As the Arctic ice retreats, the old Great Game begins

Ben Macintyre, The Times

Global warming seems an almost impossible notion on this icy coastline, but out there in the frozen wastes the ice is slowly melting, and a new struggle over the world’s dwindling resources is rapidly heating up.

archived February 13, 2006

A desperate plea from the North Pole

Mr. and Mrs. S. Claus, Energy Bulletin

I am writing to you with a heavy heart. As Santa Claus it is my duty, come late December, to spread the loving cheer of “Spirit” around the globe.

archived December 20, 2005

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows

Jonathan Leake, Science Editor, The Times (UK) Online

CLIMATE change researchers have detected the first
signs of a slowdown in the Gulf Stream — the
mighty ocean current that keeps Britain and Europe
from freezing.

archived May 8, 2005