Polar Regions

Climate - March 25

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As Arctic melts, nations line up for oil, other rights

Antarctic melting may be speeding up
Amazon 'faces more deadly droughts'
Why the right goes nuclear over global warming
I'm not buying what Al Gore's selling

archived March 25, 2007

Climate - Jan 28

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TOD: Greenland, or why you might care about ice physics
New IPCC report - the sugarcoated version?

Experts split over climate danger to Antarctica
Bush's climate remarks weighed for policy shift

archived January 28, 2007

Climate science - Jan 17

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Planting trees and global warming

Warming trend visible in the trees
Climate change linked to health problems
The warming of Greenland

Sweden's tree line moving at fastest rate for 7,000 years

archived January 17, 2007

Climate - Jan 8

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Interview with Greenpeace director
Blizzards, reindeer, darkness: new Klondike is hottest place in Europe
Kunstler on The Warming

archived January 8, 2007

Climate science - Dec 13

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Warmest year in Netherlands in 300 years
Arctic ice could disappear in summer by 2040

Greenhouse effect could cause a space problem
Hydrate deposits may be more unstable than thought

archived December 13, 2006

Climate - Sept 25

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Scientists shocked as Arctic polar route emerges
Great Warming filmmakers aim to influence U.S. voters
Global meltdown feared: UN report
Carbon offsetting is not just hot air

archived September 25, 2006

Oil Surges Above $76 as BP Shuts Alaska Field, Largest in U.S.

Eduard Gismatullin, Bloomberg.com

Crude oil surged above $76 a barrel, the biggest gain in two weeks, after BP Plc said it will shut Alaska's Prudhoe Bay field, where 8 percent of U.S. oil is produced.

archived August 7, 2006

Other energy - July 17

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China's Wind Power /
China set to invest $200bn in renewable energy sector /
China: Natural gas discovery in sea /
OPEC: 07 Non-OPEC Oil Supply Seen Highest In Decades /
Greenland makes oil companies melt

archived July 17, 2006

Peak oil - July 17

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Kunstler: The twilight of mechanized lumpenleisure /
Heinberg interview: Peak experience /
Antartica: All eyes on the last wilderness /
Peak Oil mentioned in G8 report /
Thinking The Unthinkable

archived July 17, 2006

Environment - June 26

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Geoscientists discover Earth's carbon sink switch / Cement makers seen as a key global-warming culprit / Lloyds of London: 'Adapt or bust' on climate change / Hints on climate change from Maori traditions

archived June 26, 2006