Polar Regions

Oil & geopolitics - July 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia leads race for North Pole oil

Did guerrillas strike at the heart of Mexico's oil industry? Or maybe not?

Analysis: Oil part of large Iraq conundrum

archived July 28, 2007

Canada - July 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canada flexes muscles in scramble for Arctic
Canada's oil boom has legs, IEA says
Energy news round-up
U.S. looks to Canada for more oil
LNG pipeline approved for Quebec

archived July 11, 2007

Climate - June 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

It's All About Carbon (animation)
Mexican Nobel laureate calls for Post-Kyoto treaty to include developing nations
Calif: Schwarzenegger warns EPA on lawsuit on emissions waiver
Greenland warms to climate change

archived June 15, 2007

Climate - May 29

Staff, EB

Start here to learn about climate change
Kookaburra in the coal mine

Rich must pay bulk of climate change bill, Oxfam says

The cruelties of global warming
The Canadian Arctic: Anxiously watching a different world

Victim of climate change, Alaskan town seeks a lifeline

archived May 29, 2007

Climate science - May 26

Staff, EB

National Geographic: The world is losing its ice faster than anyone thought possible

World growth spurs faster climate change

Global and regional drivers of accelerating CO2 emissions

Irreducible imprecision in atmospheric and oceanic simulations

archived May 26, 2007

Climate - May 16

Staff, EB

Scientists back off theory of a colder Europe in a warming world
California-sized area of ice melts in Antarctica
Interview with climate scientist James Hansen (his paper on PO and climate)
Deloitte says lack of corporate energy strategy bad for bottom line
New Scientist: A guide for the perplexed

archived May 16, 2007

Climate - May 8

Staff, EB

Gore sees 'spiritual crisis' in warming
GAO: severe weather's effect on insurers
Arctic land melts creates new land rush
Socialist Alliance on climate change
FT: The rush to go green could end in the red
Curbing warming won't bankrupt economy

archived May 8, 2007

Arctic dreams

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA

As for as the relationship between the Arctic and peak oil: significant oil production from undeveloped Arctic resources of uncertain size is many years away.

archived April 25, 2007

Climate - Apr 25

Staff, EB

Homer-Dixon: Terror in the weather forecast
China speeds towards 'biggest greenhouse gas producer' title
China delays climate change plan indefinitely
An island made by global warming

archived April 25, 2007

Climate - Apr 15

Staff, EB

London, Tokyo submerged by rising seas- in "Second Life"
Planting right trees could combat warming
Arctic meltdown creates hot policy issues
Taking the climate fight to Megawatt Valley
'Hypocritical' NSW Govt expanding coal export facilities

archived April 15, 2007