Polar Regions

Climate science - Sept 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Record sea ice melt this summer larger than Texas and Alaska
Methane powered runaway global warming

African deluge brings misery to 1.5m people
The North Pole is melting

archived September 23, 2007

Faith - Sept 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Give the earth a Sabbath day
In Greenland, an interfaith rally for climate change
Environmental awareness taking root in conservative Christian churches

archived September 16, 2007

Climate - Sept 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Arctic ice loss: Northwest Passage now open
Bush aide says warming man-made
'Climate change: The limits of consensus'
Panel Faults Emphasis of U.S. Climate Program
Insurance industry joins climate change fight

archived September 16, 2007

Climate science - Sept 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ice-free Arctic could be here in 23 years
New Times Atlas displays effects of climate change
Dams 'contributing to global warming'

archived September 5, 2007

Loss of Arctic ice leaves experts stunned

David Adam, Guardian

Experts say they are "stunned" by the loss of ice, with an area almost twice as big as the UK disappearing in the last week alone.

archived September 5, 2007

Oil producers - Aug 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Shrinking supply of Venezuelan oil to the US
A pipe dream for Chavez?

Research boom in Arctic village as oil reserves draw big powers
BP-led pipeline In Turkey a possible target for rebels
Hurricane Dean will paralyze oil extraction in Mexico
Somalia reopen to oil majors

archived August 24, 2007

Climate - Aug 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Climate advocacy and the 2007 Australian election
Climate change called security issue like Cold War
Blow off the Arctic ice melting...let's drill for more oil

archived August 22, 2007

Geopolitics - Aug 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canada uses military might in Arctic scramble

Chavez tour: oil & gas, gas & oil

Cold snap prompts Chile to seek gas deal with old foe Bolivia

archived August 11, 2007

Energy producers - Aug 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy security: U.S. has a role in mind for Canada and Mexico

Norway: no reason to exploit Arctic's gas, oil 'for decades'
Rifkin: Global warming enabled Russia's Arctic land grab, and it could get worse

archived August 10, 2007

Tensions around North Pole hydrocarbons raise the specter of new (bitter) Cold War.

Peter Pogany, Energy Bulletin

The technological problems of drafting arctic oil and gas into human service have not even been solved, the ecological fallout of this course of action hardly addressed, but already huge sums of money are committed for grabbing control and potential revenues.

archived August 2, 2007