Polar Regions

United States - Jan 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A political speech the West needs to hear
US censors Arctic scientists' findings as it prepares for oil and gas auction

U.S. oil dependencies (Spiegelman cartoon)
Energy tax incentives for economic stimulus package

archived January 23, 2008

Climate - Jan 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Warming climate accelerated Greenland's thaw
Mediterranean faces climate change
Minnesota's peat bogs- a climate 'wild card'
Australia's outback could get tougher
Japan temps could rise 5 degrees by 2100
Tropical dengue fever may threaten US

archived January 17, 2008

Climate science - Jan 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

'Shocking' Arctic ice melt
Ancient warming caused huge temp spike
Tropical virus moves to Italy

archived January 2, 2008

Water: the impending apocalypse

Sarah Meyer, index research

I try to show the effects of fire, floods and drought on those living in impossible circumstances. Poor media coverage makes it difficult to understand the overall enormity of the crisis. (Comprehensive compilation of articles and commentary.)

archived November 28, 2007

Oil industry - Nov 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Big Oil PR blitz suggests the un-reformed industry just wants to be friends - so shut up!
Gail the Actuary's visit to Shell's Brutus off-shore oil/gas platform
Oil and gasoline prices: The crack spread
So much money in environmental devastation that it can't be stopped?

archived November 27, 2007

Climate - Nov 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nordic nations sound alarm over melting Arctic
Australian researchers report on health effects of climate change
Tar sands growth makes meeting Kyoto targets less likely

archived November 3, 2007

Energy industry - Oct 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia turning Big Oil into employees
China coal boom attracts US investors, business
Arctic oil, gas offer challenge, potential

archived October 28, 2007

Climate - Oct 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

IPCC climate guru Steve Running
Hansen: drought, flooding threaten Texas
Climate change will hurt New Mexico water supply

Warming could wipe out half of all species
Greenland's ice sheet melts as temperatures rise
Expert: Health risks rise as Earth warms

archived October 25, 2007

Climate - Oct 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Carbon output rising faster than forecast
At the Poles, melting occurring at alarming rate
GAO: Agencies should share climate change data

archived October 24, 2007

Geopolitical - Oct 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Claiming Antarctica: oil, water and environmental risks
Chile to lay claim to piece of Antarctica
The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO):
"NATO of the East"

archived October 24, 2007