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Australia report on future of transport fuels - July 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peak oil: petrol to reach $8 a litre
Fuel for thought - CSIRO's report on the future of transport fuels
ASPO-Australia's response to CSIRO report
Petrol report a wake-up call: environmentalists

archived July 11, 2008

Peak oil - July 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ian Dunlop of ASPO-Australia on "Insight"
ASPO's Bell says world must adjust to higher oil prices - video
A critical review of IEA's oil demand forecast for China

archived July 9, 2008

Climate & water - July 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australian climate report like 'disaster novel'

Only seven years left for global warming target: UN panel chief
Profile of Canadian water campaigner Maude Barlow

archived July 7, 2008

Consumerism - July 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China Watch: Plastic bag ban trumps market and consumer efforts
Australia: Gimme shelter from affluenza
Sex and the City and handbag insanity

archived July 2, 2008

Australia & New Zealand - June 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

EB founder quoted in Australian House debate
Police warned Varanus plant: report (NG pipeline explosion)
The energy crisis needs a clear head
Astonishing farewell speech by NZ MP Nándor Tánczos
The legacy of Nandor

archived June 30, 2008

Peak oil interviews - June 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bruce Robinson (ASPO-Australia) on ABC urges governments to prepare for PO
City planner Richard Balfour (founder of the Vancouver Peak Oil Executive)
Jeffrey J. Brown, oil exploration geoscientist
Anadarko Petroleum CEO James Hackett

archived June 27, 2008

One thousand and one, one thousand and two

Michael Lardelli, Perspective (ABC-Australia)

If you are listening to me now then you were born in The Age of Oil. A wondrous time when abundant energy has enabled humanity to work technological miracles. With enough energy we can solve any problem. ... We are entering a new age, the Post-Peak Oil Age. Now the 100 year folly of modern economics comes to an end. No more fantasies that resources are infinite. No more delusions that growth goes on forever. Just us, all six billion of us, on our precious, fragile little planet. Now comes the hard part.

archived June 26, 2008

The era of peak phosphorus is coming

Belinda Tromp and Michael Mackenzie, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Bush Telegraph)

You probably heard of peak oil - the idea that global petroleum supplies are about to, or have, passed their peak. But have you ever heard of peak phosphorus? Probably not, but it's something you'll hear alot more about in years to come because when the earth's phosphorus supplies run out, so too will food. It sounds like a doomsday scenario, but my guest today believes deposits of phosphorus could be depleted this century.

archived June 25, 2008

Hawaii: peak oil canary in a coal mine

Gail Tverberg, The Oil Drum

Hawaii seems like an ideal place to relocate after peak oil - no need to worry about heating a house; clothing is mostly for protection from the sun; and crops can be grown year around. On the other hand...

archived June 23, 2008

Prices & supplies - June 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Barrons: Price of oil may be peaking
NYT: Why is oil so high? Pick a view
OPEC and the soaring cost of oil
Chevron exec: What’s behind the energy crisis
Tiger in our tanks: Australia and oil price

archived June 23, 2008