Australia & Oceania

Rights group denounces Australia over Timor oil

AP, Taipei Times

A US-based rights group denounced Australia yesterday, saying Canberra should be "ashamed" for allegedly robbing East Timor of much-needed oil and gas revenues from the disputed seabed between the two nations.

archived June 4, 2004

Oils ain't just oils, they're to die for

Margo Kingston, Sydney Morning Herald

The world can descend into hell to fight over oil, or we can start now in reducing our reliance on it. We can live in peace with less oil, or we can die in war to try to maintain our lifestyle for a little.

archived May 15, 2004

Australian Deputy Prime Minister acknowledges peak oil

Barrie Cassidy with John Anderson, ABC Insiders

Australian Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson who less than a week ago dismissed concerns about peak oil, today acknowledged it.

archived May 15, 2004

Oil crisis looming: Australian Greens

AAP, The Age

Spiralling oil prices would force an economic crisis in Australia within 15 years if authorities failed to act now, the Australian Greens said today.

archived May 8, 2004

Australia: Budget cash to shore up oil reserves

Jason Koutsoukis, Michelle Grattan, The Age

The Federal Government will launch a major push to find another Bass Strait-type oil reserve to combat concerns over Australia's looming oil supply crisis as part of a wide range of giveaways in today's federal budget.

archived May 10, 2004

Educating Arnie about LNG safety

Nigel Wilson and Andrew Trounson, The Observer

AUSTRALIA has offered to send technical experts to the US to convince the California administration of Arnold Schwarzwenegger that liquefied natural gas plants can be environmentally safe and secure.

archived January 16, 2004

Hydrogen to fuel WA's future

Hayden Lilienthal, Energy Review

WESTERN AUSTRALIA - State Development Minister Clive Brown has a bold new energy vision for Western Australia, yesterday outlining the potential for a green hydrogen economy.

archived January 15, 2004

Unity needed for Kiwi continuity

Neil Ritchie, New Zealand, Energy Review

NEW ZEALAND - As this country continues hurtling towards the serious gas supply shortages predicted for 2005-06, commentators are hoping and praying for a less fractious and fragmented year than 2003.

archived January 13, 2004

AUSTRALIA - Hopes of $50bn gas sale

Josh Gordon, The Age

"The US have only very recently become open about their energy requirements, and some say it's as big a crisis, or potential crisis, as during the oil shocks," says Australian Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane.

archived January 13, 2004

New Zealand faces dramatic electricy price rises

Renee Kiriona, New Zealand Herald

New Zealand - News Roundup: Dramatic electricity price rises are on the horizon for homes and businesses this year.

archived January 19, 2004