Australia & Oceania

Oil prices push up the cost of dairy processing

ABC Rural News (Au),

The cost of a litre of milk could be about to get dearer, as dairy processors are hit by high world oil prices

archived November 2, 2004

Oil and NZ’s Department of Economic Mythology

PowerLess New Zealand, Press Release

A key assumption held by New Zealand’s Ministry of Economic Development (MED) covering the period between 2000 to 2025 is that oil prices will rise from US$20/bbl in 2000 to US$25 a barrel by 2020 and remain constant thereafter.

archived November 2, 2004

Geosequestration: Burying carbon or burying our heads in the sand?

Kim Stewart and Steph Long, Melbourne Indymedia

Climate change will impact every one of us. For this reason, governments all over the world are making moves to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions. Geosequestration is the new kid on the block in energy technology research. It has become very popular politically, so much so that Australia's Howard Government, following the lead of the US, is investing heavily in it. But at what cost?

archived October 28, 2004

NZ Government Deluded About Future Oil Supply

Running On Empty NZ, Scoop

New Zealand is not preparing for the petroleum energy decline because, like most governments, it relies on the speculative theoretical forecasts produced by (non-geologist) economists of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

archived October 27, 2004

Australia warns on Timor Sea project

AP, Australian Financial Review

Australia today warned that a $6.7 billion natural gas project in the Timor Sea could be scrapped after East Timor rejected its latest proposal.

archived October 27, 2004

NZ: Energy report: right direction but hurry up

Press Release, New Zealand Greens

The Green Party of New Zealand is enthusiastically welcoming the intent and content of the Government’s Sustainable Energy report, but says it still lacks a sense of urgency. A key example is Peak Oil. Some sections acknowledge that global oil production is going to peak in the foreseeable future. Yet it still appears to accept oil price forecasts that many experts think are way too optimistic.

archived October 26, 2004

NZ has time to prepare for future oil crisis: Energy Minister


New Zealand has time to prepare for a future energy crisis due to escalating oil prices, Energy Minister Pete Hodgson said today. But the Government has accepted forecasts that many experts believed were too optimistic. Green co-leader Jeanette was particularly concerned about a concept known as "peak oil".

archived October 26, 2004

NZ Greens query oil price forecasts

KEVIN TAYLOR, New Zealand Herald

The Green Party's two co-leaders grilled [New Zealand] Government officials yesterday about grossly inaccurate forecasts made last October about future oil prices.

archived October 20, 2004

Australia: High oil price threatens economy

Tim Lester, ABC 7:30 Report

A recurring question has taken on new urgency in recent weeks - how far can oil prices climb before the world's economies, Australia included, begin to buckle under the stress?

archived October 17, 2004

Australian Treasurer fears third oil shock

Phillip Hudson, The Age

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello has warned that the record international oil price could deliver a "double whammy" to the Australian economy, describing it as "the third oil price shock".

archived October 16, 2004