Australia & Oceania

N.Z. Grid boss warns of blackouts

Marta Steeman, Christchurch Press

National grid boss Ralph Craven is predicting blackouts if the $500 million upgrading of transmission lines into Auckland is thwarted.

archived February 3, 2005

NZ: Mangatoa could bring in billions

Marta Steeman, Christchurch Press

Explorer New Zealand Oil and Gas and Origin Energy, Contact Energy's parent, may be sitting on a gas prospect three-quarters the size of Maui, potentially worth billions of dollars.

archived February 1, 2005

2005: The Year of Global Oil Production Peak?

Powerless NZ Press Release,

By now anyone that listens to the news or reads a paper ought to know what Peak Oil means. The New Zealand Green Party, primed by Jeanette Fitzsimons' “Picnic for the Planet Speech” intends making it an election issue.

archived January 24, 2005

Timetable set for gas terminal bid

Peter Mitchell in Los Angeles, Melbourne Herald Sun

CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger could make a final decision as early as July on BHP-Billiton's controversial $US4 billion ($5.3 billion) gas terminal proposal.

archived January 22, 2005

Australia-China LNG deal sealed

Nigel Wilson, The Australian / News Corp.

Original title: "China gas deal sealed". -LJ

archived December 13, 2004

Islanders look to coconuts as oil prices rise

ABC or AFP staffer, ABC (Au)/ AFP

Struggling with rising oil prices, Pacific island nations are increasingly looking to coconut oil, long a basic foodstuff and massage lubricant, as an economically and ecologically sound petroleum alternative.

archived January 19, 2005

NZ: Choice of LNG site 'months away'

Marta Steeman, The Press (NZ)

New Zealand electricity companies begin planning for the construction of an LNG refinery.

archived January 16, 2005

New Zealand Greens predict oil crisis in 10 years

Ainsley Thomson, New Zealand Herald

An oil-free New Zealand is on the Green Party's agenda. ... co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons warned of an oil crisis within 10 years. "The end of cheap oil is coming towards us with the force of a tsunami and New Zealand is not ready," she said.

archived January 16, 2005

Australia: Continent at risk of a dry tsunami

Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald

Ours may be remembered as the generation that allowed Australia to die, writes Paul Sheehan.

archived January 15, 2005

Australia: Labels could save $600m of water

Phillip Hudson, The Age

Australia is to become the first country to introduce a national water efficiency rating system on toilets, shower-heads, washing machines, dishwashers and taps.

archived December 12, 2004