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Garbage, garbage, garbage - Jan 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Guardian: UK's mixed record on rubbish
One woman's trash is another woman's ... lingerie?
Paradise lost on Maldives' rubbish island

archived January 4, 2009

Economics - Jan 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Madoff caused losses equal to loses from all conventional thieves in America for nearly 3 years
Chinese workers leaving cities in droves
Australian co-operative movement weathers economic storm

archived January 4, 2009

Comments on the report from the Select Committee on the Impact of Peak Oil in South Australia.

Hon. Sandra Kanck, South Australian parliament

This is a very important report about an issue that will have severe impacts on our state when it ultimately hits. This is not a question of if but when, and the when could be within just a few years.

archived December 1, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Dec 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Radio show featuring no-impact living, dumpster diving, peak oil, life of Edward Abbey
Bill McKibben: Multiplication saves the day
A suburb for our times: Depression-era village in Australia
NYT: Locally grown produce

archived December 1, 2008

Peak oil - Nov 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Kurt Cobb: The energy optimist's lexicon
Norway slips on scarcer oil
Report available: "Impact of Peak Oil in South Australia"
Predicting future supply from undiscovered oil
Hubbert: King of the Technocrats

archived November 26, 2008

Housing & urban design - Nov 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Lower speed limit to tackle obesity crisis, say experts
Planners to consider S.F. congestion charge
Bike accidents open door to paths
Council obstructs family's ethical land project

archived November 25, 2008

Transport & urban design - Nov 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A resilient suburbia? 2: cost of commuting
European support for bicycles promotes sharing of the wheels
Congestion pricing: Can tolling be fair?
Infrastructure planning ignores peak oil: ASPO-Australia

archived November 15, 2008

Reducing consumption key to a sustainable future

Staff, CSIRO (Australia)

The forecasts of global ecological and economic collapse by mid-century contained in the controversial 1972 book The Limits to Growth, are still ‘on-track’ according to new CSIRO research.

archived November 12, 2008

Transport - Nov 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK traffic levels fall for first time in decades: Motor firms head for crash
GM staring into abyss as industry seeks help
End of suburbia - Australia-style
At specialty garage, woman makes hybrids even greener

archived November 10, 2008

Coal - Nov 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Biggest energy winner under Obama may be ‘cleaner’ coal
Time to bury the 'clean coal' myth
Australian farmers fight coalmine

archived November 3, 2008