Conflict - July 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Thirty contestants, only one winner in the Iraqi oil licence gameshow
Eager to Tap Iraq's Vast Oil Reserves, Industry Execs Suggested Invasion
The unemployment timebomb is quietly ticking
Interview: Hungary—“Where we went wrong”

archived July 6, 2009

UK & Europe - July 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Scientists attack energy industry
Treasury faces legal action over 'dirty' banking investments
Britain's green shame

archived July 2, 2009

Nuclear power: problem or solution? - July 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nuclear power is well-disguised fossil fuel
Nuclear power must be part of energy solution
UK regulator raises French nuclear concerns

archived July 1, 2009

Economics - July 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

From Versailles a message of no austerity
The Green Bank
Holding together

archived July 1, 2009

Vision 2050: A Sustainable future for Cheshire West and Chester

Chester Climate Change and Sustainability Ginger Group, Energy Bulletin

This Vision for a Sustainable West Cheshire is intended to guide the Cheshire West and Chester Authority (CW&C) in taking decisions about the future of the area. It is centred on the premise that if we are to achieve a truly sustainable community by 2050 the direction of travel set now must be right.

archived June 25, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - June 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Feed-in tariffs grow green power but may fall victim to energy politics, German-style
Germany at a more real climate crossroads
Deep in bedrock, clean energy and quake fears
Improving power in rural China

archived June 29, 2009

The slope of dysfunction

Dmitry Orlov, ClubOrlov

Perhaps you have heard of the Peak Oil theory? Most people have by now, even the people whose job used to involve denying the possibility that global crude oil production would peak any time soon. Now that everybody seems a bit more comfortable with the idea, perhaps it is time to reexamine it. Is the scenario Peak Oil theoreticians paint indeed realistic, or is it firmly grounded in wishful thinking?

archived June 27, 2009

UK & Europe - June 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Monbiot: Any real effort on climate change will hurt. Start with the easy bits: war toys
The Griffin Has Landed
Spare me that rubbish about your 'rights'

archived June 24, 2009

Energy solutions - June 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

European Farmers Turn to Biogas Plants
Europe Mulls Huge Solar Project
Water for energy: The bad bet for biofuels

archived June 23, 2009

Transport - June 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

High Speed
UK air passenger numbers slump as recession bites
Lord Adonis sees demise of short flights

archived June 22, 2009