Energy and nation - Sept 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil's golden years stifled innovation in Norway

IEA sounds 'wake-up call' on energy savings
Shetland and Faroe Islands prepare for post oil
UK change in political climate
Zimbabwe: People scavenge while fatcats get fatter
Nature, terror and oil top US fear list

archived September 12, 2007

Biofuels - Sept 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

OECD warns against biofuels subsidies

Mali's farmers discover a weed's potential power

Cultivating a crop of hope (switchgrass)
Brazil: ethanol divides agribusiness

archived September 11, 2007

Africa - Sept 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Africa's resource curse
Zimbabwe: A funny thing happened at the fuel queue the other day

archived September 3, 2007

The face of powerdown - Aug 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Burundi hit by fuel shortage
Tajik president urges population to get prepared for power shortage
Kenya: Daunting task of fuelling economic growth

archived August 29, 2007

Biofuels - Aug 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Kenya: Biofuels likely to boost energy but increase hunger
The looming food crisis

Nothing is simple, not even biofuels

archived August 29, 2007

Food & agriculture - Aug 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The power of produce (health claims)
Farming the concrete jungle

Study links CO2 to demise of grazing lands
Zimbabwe: Give fertilizer sector priority on power
Useful mutants, bred with radiation

archived August 28, 2007

The Squeeze - Aug 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UN warns fuel price hikes could worsen Myanmar's economic situation

Zimbabwe economy in free fall
The gasoline crisis in Iran

archived August 27, 2007

Current global challenges and alternative energy futures for South Africa

Hendler, Holliday, Ratcliffe and Wakeford, ASPO-South Africa

An extensive document covering the impact of Peak Oil and other factors on the future development of South Africa. Two scenarios are proposed to investigate potential impacts responses.
(Executive summary)

archived August 24, 2007

Energy consumption - Aug 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Fuel price policy explodes in Myanmar
African giant continues to stagger (Nigeria)
Elderly scrimp to get by in Australia

Rosneft buys local crude oil
China crude imports up 39% in July, LNG imports up 5x

archived August 24, 2007

Transport - Aug 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China's new middle class in love with cars - big cars
Less driving is more cash for Portland
India: Plastic car will be world's cheapest
Trains on track to play key role in bioeconomy
Zimbabwe air transport sector hits turbulence

archived August 21, 2007