Geopolitics - Oct 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy crunch threatens South American nations

Aussie coal to fuel Vietnam expansion
Amid an oil boom, poverty persists

archived October 15, 2007

United States - Oct 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Obama's bold new energy proposal

Green collar revolution: Van Jones interview
America's energy wars - a new front - Africa
Report questions Energy Star labels
U.S. fails to track critical minerals

archived October 8, 2007

Climate - Oct 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sudan: 'Water is running out'
For West, climate change is about water
Inner Mongolia grasslands turning to sand
1000 SUVs in Sweden disarmed by Indians of the Concrete Jungle
Linkfest from Gristmill

archived October 8, 2007

Energy industry - Oct 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Where has all The oil gone?! (speculators)
Ecuador plans to extend control over oil industry
Russian oligarchs go on safari for fuel

archived October 6, 2007

Solutions & sustainability - Oct 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australia’s first Transition Town!
Investing that is really socially responsible
Life without lights in a Ghanaian village
Trials and tribulations of setting up a local Climate Action group

archived October 5, 2007

Biofuels - Sept 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Corn farms prosper, but subsidies still flow
Big potential and challenges for biofuels in Africa

Jatropha: fuel for thought?

Boeing 747 to fly on bio-fuel

archived September 28, 2007

Climate - Sept 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Is global warming drowning Africa?
Corporate giants face up to climate change
BBC poll: Man causing climate change

White House worked to scuttle California's climate law

archived September 25, 2007

Climate science - Sept 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Record sea ice melt this summer larger than Texas and Alaska
Methane powered runaway global warming

African deluge brings misery to 1.5m people
The North Pole is melting

archived September 23, 2007

Energy and nation - Sept 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Interview: Top Iraq oilman Thamir Ghadhban
The vision of Venezuela's National Oil Company
Energy CEOs call for Canadian national policy
Coal industry asks Washington for handouts
The fuel merchants of Zimbabwe (smuggling)

archived September 20, 2007

Transport - Sept 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

American commutes get longer
Investment in cycling could save £520m
'Ban cars in London' to cut CO2
China to hold first-ever 'no car day'
China steel mills may face freight premium
Zimbabwe: Minister says walk to save fuel

archived September 20, 2007