Oil producers - Nov 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nigeria seeks control of energy industry

The 10 oil producers most likely to shock the world (10/tie: Angola/Equatorial Guinea)
Bad news from Canada

New oil crisis: an engineer shortage

archived November 21, 2007

Food & agriculture - Nov 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

More will be asked of us: Revisiting 100 million farmers
Forbes: Food vs fuel

Fuel costs give ag a chill

Farmer of the Year candidate doesn't use muck
Climate a threat to farming and food supply
Africa: Food production to halve by 2020

archived November 19, 2007

Hard times - Nov 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

$100 oil to put Myanmar junta over a barrel again
Recycling a necessity not fad in Cairo

Zimbabwe: rural folk cut off from 'civilisation'

archived November 11, 2007

Climate - Nov 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Are men to blame for global warming?
Third of Africa coastline at risk: UN
Feisty Daily Astorian wins award for climate series
Canadian climatologists puzzled by government's ending of research fund
Climate change and deforestation
US Chambr of Commerce: Wake up to climate change legislation!

archived November 9, 2007

South African cities need to change lanes as oil runs dry

Simon Ratcliffe, The Cape Argus

Most of South Africa’s cities experienced their growth during the course of the 20th century. In large part, our cities were structured through the lens of segregation and apartheid. The evolution of our cities is also intimately bound up with the prevalence of abundant cheap oil.

archived November 9, 2007

Geopolitics - Nov 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

High-priced oil adds volatility to power scramble
A map of the oil world
Iraq oil production and export hit new high
Skepticism greets new US Africa Command

archived November 8, 2007

Food & agriculture - Oct 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Official UK study: organic really is better
Poor outlook for grain stokes fight over biofuels
Uganda 'averts tragedy' with reversal of decision to clear virgin forest for biofuel

archived October 30, 2007

Food & agriculture - Oct 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Legal troubles mount as local producers buck food safety rules

World Bank report puts agriculture at core of antipoverty effort
The eat local challenge
How green is my garden? (biofuels at home)
Tanzania squeezed for fertilizers- increased demand from rich countries

archived October 22, 2007

Rainsforests & oceans - Oct 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Amazon burns once again
The fight to save Congo's forests
Callum Roberts on the future of the sea

archived October 18, 2007

Agriculture - Oct 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Harvest: Around the world in crops (photos)
World Bank neglects African farming
The challenges of Chinese organics

Climate change creating jobs (in agriculture)

archived October 17, 2007