Food & agriculture - Jan 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Europe takes Africa’s fish, and boatloads of migrants follow
Roadkill and sustainability
Should we be eating insects?
Farmer Jay Martin on CSAs
Community Solutions: Food, health and survival

archived January 18, 2008

Peak Oil Review - January 14th, 2008

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

An executive summary of weekly news from a peak oil perspective, featuring:
- Production and Prices

- The Economic Slowdown

- Troubles in Central Africa

- Electricity Shortages

- Energy Briefs

archived January 14, 2008

Climate - Jan 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Melting ice may not explain warming Arctic
Nature and man jointly cook Arctic
Australia: This drought may never break
California feels health hazards
A nomadic life destroyed in Senegal

archived January 4, 2008

Food & agriculture - Jan 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The perfect casserole: just add badger
Supermarket flies fish 5,000 miles from country where millions are starving

The invisible ingredient in every kitchen: heat
Sharon Astyk: Future of the quik 'n easy meal

archived January 2, 2008

Touching $100 - Jan 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil touches $100 a barrel
The Bet
Russian oil output growth accelerates from 7-year low (but exports?)

OPEC could fail to meet oil demand by 2037

Woes mount for Mexico's state oil titan
Political peak oil

archived January 2, 2008

Energy producers - Dec 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Iraqi oil exceeds pre-war output
Iraq and climate change
Angola: Energy profile

archived December 20, 2007

Food & agriculture - Dec 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A dirty way to fight climate change: Store carbon in the soil
Ending famine by ignoring the experts
Fertiliser at a price - if you can get it

Co-operatives: alternatives to industrial food

archived December 3, 2007

Renewables - Dec 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Implications of biofuel production for US water supplies
How Africa's desert sun can bring Europe power
Micro-wind turbines often increase CO2

archived December 3, 2007

Dysfunction - Dec 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Naomi Klein: Forget the green technology - the hot money is in guns
Eat, drink and be miserable: the true cost of our addiction to shopping

Clogged by plastic bags, Africa begins banning them

archived December 3, 2007

Oil producers - Nov 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Petrodollars make Russia giddy
Caspian tales
Author of Untapped on African oil

10 oil producers most likely to shock the world

Brazil's oil: new wealth or petro-populism?
Venezuelan sales of oil byproducts to the US down
National oil firms gain edge on Exxon

archived November 29, 2007