Coal - Feb 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China spurs coal-price surge
What to do with all this coal?
SA coal mining plans put fresh water at risk
Mine expansion in middle of fight; natural streams buried

archived February 13, 2008

South Africa energy crisis - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy lessons from South Africa
Crisis spreads to fuel and gas supplies
Recycling can alleviate energy crisis
The South African butterfly (platinum)

archived February 8, 2008

Hard times - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Tajikistan 'facing catastrophe'
Frozen Tajikistan pleads for energy aid
Pakistan industry warns of economic turmoil due to energy crisis
Botswana power shortage a serious obstruction to growth

archived February 8, 2008

South Africa - Feb 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Power still off in S.A. - the effects on mining
S.A. mines battle on new low-electricity diet
South Africa in the premature long emergency

archived February 6, 2008

Peak oil - Feb 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

In depth report on San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force

Energy Roundtable: Simmons, Hirsch, Rubin

Understanding the current energy crisis in South Africa

archived February 2, 2008

Demand - Feb 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Go to sleep early to save power - S.A. minister
New 'green' energy from dirty sources (efficiency)
Self-denial was made for me
Chinese on their environmentalism: 'You buy our cheap goods. Don't blame us'

archived February 1, 2008

Energy supplies - Jan 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The kinder, gentler energy superpower: Canada

The oil majors in Africa: Trickier times ahead for big fish

Supergrid could provide 30% of Europe's electricity
Norwegian gas will go to highest bidder

archived January 29, 2008

Geopolitics - Jan 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

High oil prices prompt a scramble for Africa
An oil-powered Russia
Elites love to pig out on energy

archived January 25, 2008

Fuel squeeze - Jan 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nepal withdraws fuel price hike
S. Africa could face ‘huge’ liquid fuel shortage

Electricity shortage halts SA gold mines

Record power shortage hits China
In oil-rich Alaska, an energy crunch
Energy poverty

archived January 25, 2008

Food scarcity - Jan 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NY Times: Global oil quandary: costly fuel means costly calories

Is this the end of cheap food?
WorldChanging on high food prices

West Africa: food prices climbing, crisis feared
India: Situation on food front alarming
Pakistan: Food riots feared due to shortage of quality wheat
Over 1 million Afghans face food shortage

archived January 21, 2008