Food crisis - Apr 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Food price rises threaten global security - UN
Paul Krugman: Grains gone wild

Riots in Haiti and Africa as food prices skyrocket
Fear of rice riots in Far East

Food prices rise beyond means of poorest in Africa

archived April 9, 2008

Oil prices & supplies - Mar 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Reserves don't matter as much as the cost of getting the oil out the ground
Why Exxon won't produce more
High oil prices make some Africans richer, others poorer
How would oil prices look in Euros?

archived March 20, 2008

Peak oil - Mar 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peak oil theorist goes mainstream in Cape Town
Chris Skrebowski in South Africa
An EROEI review
Why we can't quit (Hess interview)

archived March 19, 2008

Shortages - Mar 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy, water demands are on collision course
Concerns over Kenya's food security

Shortages of energy, food worry Pakistanis
Residents stung by high cost of utilities
NYT: Costs surge for stocking the pantry

archived March 17, 2008

Geopolitical - Mar 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Courage to cut Iran's petrol subsidies?
Impact of climate change on six regions
Khartoum's boom (Sudan oil)

archived March 12, 2008

Force majeure

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA / Energy Bulletin

Hardly a day passes without new oil outages in Nigeria. Let's examine oil fields scheduled to come on-stream, the newly elected Nigerian government, and the security situation. Welcome to the world of peak oil and rising prices.

archived March 5, 2008

Food & agriculture - Mar 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Agriculture's new 'golden age'
King of soya: environmental vandal or saviour of the world's poor?
My forbidden fruits (and vegetables)

South Africa electricity crisis - and farmers

Okla. fight over poultry waste escalates
NYT on food: Priced out of the market
In hungry Zimbabwe, pet food as a priority

archived March 4, 2008

Oil producers - Feb 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian giant looms over Europe (Gazprom)
Brazil: An energized giant
Ghana: Crude oil - blessing or curse?
US sees Iran nuclear dispute going to 2009 (dwindling expectation of US airstrike)

archived February 29, 2008

Food & agriculture - Feb 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

We chow down on a diet salted with mystery
Obesity more dangerous than terrorism
Opening of global seed vault in Arctic

UK farmers ride income rollercoaster

Uganda: Exposing the African Green Revolution

archived February 26, 2008

Dysfunction - Feb 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Greening China - with green paint
Tajikistan: energy, food crisis
Nigeria: Back to firewood
Pakistan: Fear of load-shedding on polling day

archived February 20, 2008