Nigeria paralysed by mass strike

staff writer, BBC

Much of Nigeria has come to a near-standstill after millions of workers walked out over rising fuel prices.

archived June 8, 2004

US navy 'plans W Africa exercise'

Nick Childs, BBC

A US defence official says the US navy is planning an unusual task force deployment off the West African coast.

archived June 3, 2004

US Navy to Deploy Aircraft Carrier Strike Group in Gulf of

Alex Belida,

Defense officials have recently spoken of the need for security and stability in the Gulf of Guinea, in part because of the growing number of offshore oil operations there.

archived May 30, 2004

Libya supplies US with oil again

staff writer, BBC

Libya has cemented its return to the international mainstream by resuming its former role as a supplier of oil to the US.

archived June 3, 2004

Africa's oil pool proves tantalising for sharks

Tim Butcher, The Age

Off the West African coast, the sharks are circling the sleepy "chocolate islands" of Sao Tome and Principe, eager to bite off slices of billions of dollars of hoped-for oil revenues.

archived May 31, 2004

The Global Record (excerpt)

Terry Lynn Karl and Ian Gary, Foreign Policy In Focus

The gap between the promise of petroleum wealth and the perversity of its performance is enormous. Study after study demonstrates that, as a group, countries dependent on oil as their leading export have performed worse than other developing countries on a variety of economic indicators.

archived December 31, 2003

Fueling Conflict

Michael Renner, Foreign Policy In Focus

PetroPolitics Special Report: More than any other commodity, oil is the lifeblood of modern economies and the engine of military machines.

archived December 31, 2003

2020 Scenario: OPEC May Be Replaced

Hector Igbikiowubo, Vanguard (Lagos)

It's 2020, and the energy ministers of the Organization of Gas-Exporting Countries, known as OGEC, the umbrella for the dozen or so nations which dominate the market, gather in Madrid for their annual get-together to determine production quotas and price levels for the new primary energy source that fuels the global economy , natural gas, or more specifically, liquefied natural gas, known as LNG.

archived January 12, 2004

Algeria blast to hit LNG exports, importers calm

Margaret Orgill, Forbes

LONDON, Jan 20 (Reuters) - A huge explosion at the Skikda liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Algeria will hit the country's gas exports to southern Europe but importers played down the impact on Tuesday saying they had plenty of alternative suppliers

archived January 19, 2004