Africa & oil - July 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nigerian Peace Remains Elusive After Oil Region Truce
Obama Visits Africa's 'Oil Gulf'
West Africa: Another Stab at the 'Resource Curse'

archived July 19, 2009

Climate - June 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

As Iraq runs dry, a plague of snakes is unleashed
African farms becoming too hot to handle
Warming may outstrip Africa's ability to feed itself
Climate change hits China's 'poor hardest'
Learning to live with climate change will not be enough

archived June 20, 2009

Climate - June 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Water stress, ocean levels to unleash 'climate exodus'
Hotter planet means more underweight babies
Large area of Africa vulnerable to climate change
Captured on camera: 50 years of climate change in the Himalayas
China alone could bring world to brink of climate calamity, claims US official

archived June 11, 2009

Your world in maps: climate change edition

Ezra Klein, Washington Post

Incendiary graphic from the The Lancet shows who causes climate change (the North) and who will suffer (Africa and South Asia).

archived May 19, 2009

Life after the crash: lessons from Kenya

Derek ("Ndege"), The Oil Drum

During the past 28 years, I have spent a lot of time in Kenya, where our family has a home. What I experience there is a society that does pretty well with VERY little energy, all things considering. Mind you, not 'pretty well' by any standard of the Western world. But survival - and happiness! - are pretty much possible.

archived April 12, 2009

United Kingdom - Feb 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Scottish greenwash: Dirty claims on clean coal
Is it selfish to have more than two children?
Dumped in Africa: Britain’s toxic waste

archived February 20, 2009

Food & agriculture - Jan 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Astyk: Food security as a cottage industry
Industrially grown produce shows long-term nutritional decline
Zimbabwe's starving millions face halving of rations as UN cash dries up

archived January 31, 2009

Food & agriculture - Jan 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Smithsonian: Dig it! The secrets of soil
New book: "Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in an Era of Oil Scarcity"
Madagascar: Land rental deal collapses after backlash against 'colonialism'
The freedom garden (new movement and online community)

archived January 19, 2009

Food & agriculture - Dec 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Expert on BBC: Food needs 'fundamental rethink'
African community gardens contribute to food security
Graze the Roof, a rooftop garden in San Francisco

archived December 30, 2008

Food & agriculture - Dec 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Unexpected benefits From pasture farming
Qatar looks to grow food in Kenya
Agrofuel proponents hone tactics

archived December 3, 2008