Latin America

Peak Oil Review -- April 14th, 2007

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

An executive summary of weekly news from a US peak oil perspective, featuring:
- Production and Prices

- The Debate in Mexico

- Russia's Calvary Charge has Probably Ended

- Energy Briefs

archived April 14, 2008

Food & agriculture - Apr 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canadian Medical Journal - Obesity reduction and its possible consequences: What can we learn from Cuba's Special Period?
The recipe for food rights (Vandana Shiva interview)

archived April 13, 2008

Renewables - Apr 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The energy scene in India

Renewable energy not always sustainable (Latin America)

Iceland has power to burn

Renewable energy jobs soar in Germany

archived April 11, 2008

Oil - Apr 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

FT: Forget about 'peak oil' and instead focus on 'peak power'
State oil industry’s future sets off tussle in Mexico

Chevron reportedly in talks to tap Iraq's oil

archived April 9, 2008

Peak oil - Apr 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Matt Simmons sounds the alarm at EIA conference
Kazakhstan may impose oil duty from 2008
Minister: Australia's own 'peak oil'
Trinidad: Sweet in we mouth

IEA's Birol says oil prices to stay high

archived April 8, 2008

Peak oil - Mar 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil firms 'in liquidation,' says Simmons

Yergin and Hubbert on same side in '79
Jamais Cascio: Peak oil vs. global warming
Krassimir Petrov talk: Fundamentals of PO
The slide in Mexico continues

archived March 25, 2008

The Americas - Mar 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Venezuelan oil exports down 192,000 bpd in 2007
Mexico braces for an oil war
Shell wants to produce 5x more oil from tar sands
Energy independence- US's road not taken

archived March 19, 2008

Mexican oil exports: start saying adios!

Martin Payne, Energy Bulletin

Mexico's Cantarell Field may be one of the most poignant and easiest-to-grasp examples of what Peak Oil is all about. A drop in exports from Mexico may soon significantly impact the US.

archived March 19, 2008

Oil producers - Mar 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gulf currencies may drop dollar peg
UAE: Gas shortage to double cost of electricity
Venezuela wants euros for some fuel exports
Mexico leftist seizes oil reform to drive comeback
Stalking the Arctic

archived March 17, 2008

Oil prices & supplies - Mar 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gas prices near records, following oil ($108/b)
Goldman Sachs:
New 'super-spike' might mean $200 oil

Energy crunch hinges on Bolivia
Unchanged Syncrude oil sands "increased" due to new category

archived March 11, 2008