Latin America

Biofuels - May 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Food report criticizes biofuel policies
Forced labor in Brazil's sugarcane fields
Global biofuel output to soar in next decade
As oil prices soar, restaurants learn to lock up old grease
Sweden turning sewage into a gasoline substitute

archived May 31, 2008

Food & agriculture - May 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peru guards its guano as demand soars again
Fertilizer markets manipulated
Backyard chickens

archived May 31, 2008

Biofuels - May 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brazil: Ethanol vs biodiversity
Despite doubts, Brazil pins hopes on sustainable sugarcane ethanol
Report: Effects of ethanol on Texas food and feed

archived May 28, 2008

United States - May 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Relentless rise in oil prices tests economy's resilience
Bombing Iran: the clamor persists
DOT: Americans driving at historic lows
House talks oil prices, questions Bodman

archived May 25, 2008

Oil producers - May 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Non-OPEC oil output growth slows to a trickle
Pemex: April oil output drop biggest in 12 years

Mexican oil production falls 9% in first 4 months of year
Middle East: would you supply oil resources if you were in their place?

archived May 25, 2008

Latin America - May 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Mexico's battle over oil

Export Land Model in Mexico
Limits of economic growth in Latin America

archived May 24, 2008

Prices - May 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Chavez says U.S. attack would cause $500 oil
Don't hope for prices to drop, says API economist
Libertarian: Why oil prices will fall again
Who really controls the oil market? Not Saudis or OPEC, says Arab News
Naimi blames oil price on financial turmoil

Shell: Crude shortfalls will boost renewables

archived May 16, 2008

The food system - May 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

New Yorker: Is the world’s food system collapsing?
In search of a better revolution (than the Green Revolution)
Raj Patel's Starved
Fewer poor people, more volatility in food prices?

archived May 15, 2008

Renewables - May 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sleeping giant Brazil awakes (biofuels)
UK palm oil consumption fuels Colombia violence
Report says wind can produce a fifth of US electricity needs by 2030

archived May 13, 2008

Peak Oil Review -- May 12th, 2008

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

An executive summary of weekly news from a US peak oil perspective, featuring:
- Production and Prices

- ASPO-Ireland's Depletion Model

- The Goldman Sachs Forecast

- Brazil's Deepwater Discovery

- Energy Briefs

archived May 12, 2008