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Food & agriculture - August 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Organic garden takes over San Francisco’s City Hall lawn
NPR misses real story, plants wrong seeds
A solar success on the farm
The curse of Yemen - qat
Alternative trade networks and the coffee system
Feeling the heat of food security
Brazilian agriculture faces huge losses from climate change

archived August 13, 2008

Nuclear - Aug 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Age issues may shut down U.S. nuclear power plants
Russian nuclear power monopoly eyes projects in Chile, Ecuador
Kurt Cobb: The nuclear future that never arrived

archived August 3, 2008

Peak oil notes - July 24

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A mid-week update on peak oil, including:
- Production and prices
- Russia and Venezuela
- India

archived July 24, 2008

Supplies - July 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Pemex may drill outside Mexico for first time if reforms fail
Record Iranian output belies oil sector travails
Russia's Gazprom agrees to develop Iranian oil, gas fields
You say crisis. I say opportunity (Jim Gray of Canadian Hunter Exploration)

archived July 22, 2008

Agriculture - July 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Wageningen University (NL) report: Why are world food prices so high?
Food crisis talks put renewed focus on agriculture
Reclaiming corn and culture

archived July 7, 2008

How peak oil will affect health care

Stuart Jeffery, The International Journal of Cuban Studies

The key to societal survival of peak oil is a drastic reduction in reliance on oil, and Cuba provides a model of how this had to be achieved in health care when the 1990s 'Special Period' saw a dramatic fall in the supply of oil, and yet Cuba managed to maintain health indicators on par with and in some cases exceeding those of the UK. The paper suggests that the UK public, clinicians and media are not ready for the challenge of change required, which would effectively move health care away from cure and from increasing profits through privatisation, to prevention and to state provision, and there are lessons that can be learnt from the Cuban experience.

archived July 5, 2008

Biofuels - June 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Human cost of Brazil's biofuels boom
Vinod Khosla: We can do biofuel well or poorly
The bad oil on ethanol
Farm-belt voters down on corn ethanol mandate
Pest threatens Brazil's Sao Paulo cane fields
Brazil's diverse energy resources

archived June 18, 2008

Producers - June 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Shura member calls for oil production curbs in Saudi Arabia
Argentina halts Chile natural gas exports

Russia… energy priority #1

Caspian CPC May oil exports fall 9.5% vs April

Indonesia says good-bye OPEC, hello peak oil
Global net oil exports have declined for 2 years

archived June 4, 2008

Biofuels - June 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Biofuel bonanza not so sweet for Brazil's sugar cane cutters (80% of jobs to go within 3 years)

US biofuel subsidies under attack at food summit

Petrol tax fuels 'cooking oil wars'

archived June 4, 2008

Prices & supplies - May 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Texas to experience effects of export decline?

Venezuela increases petroleum imports despite vast deposits at home
Crude falls $4 as higher prices curb demand
IEA foresees more expensive oil

archived May 31, 2008