Latin America

Peak oil - Sept 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nate Hagens: No naked short selling => No short selling at all => No future energy?
China, climate change and US dollars (and peak oil)
Cantarell – Mexico’s own double-whammy huracán
Librarian's guide to peak oil
Controversal path to possible glut of natural gas

archived September 19, 2008

Food & agriculture - Sept 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Phosphorus: Running low of an essential fertilizer?
UK's sodden farmers struggling with a changing climate
Lessons from Cuba
Employing insect farmers

archived September 13, 2008

Geopolitics & the energy curse - Sept 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Kazakh oil: a war of nerves
Global warming threatens Asia-Pacific security, warns Australian PM
Fresh violence in Bolivia stokes civil war fears
Poison Fire interview (film about Nigerian oil)
Monbiot: protectionism makes you rich

archived September 13, 2008

The energy secret - understanding what drives the 21st century and why peak oil really matters

Julian Darley, Post Carbon Institute

There are at least two invisible things that tend to be ferociously difficult to understand. One is relations among humans and the other is energy. Especially when the former want more of the latter. And for some reason, understandable perhaps but also unfortunate, we are mostly loathe to try to comprehend where our energy comes from. [Excepts]

archived September 6, 2008

Food & agriculture - Aug 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Slow Food brings many issues to the table
Sewage sludge: Too good to waste?
Was the organic food revolution just a fad? Fear for farmers as shoppers tighten belts
As food prices soar, Brazil and Argentina react in opposite ways
Switzerland: Contract farming co-ops show organic growth

archived August 30, 2008

Peak oil - Aug 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Hurricane Gustav, energy infrastructure, and updated damage models
TOD's peak oil update
An urban legend to comfort America: our massive reserves of unconventional oil
Cantarell July output lowest since 1995
Gulf of Mexico oil production likely never to reach pre-Katrina levels
Brazil's debate over new oil wealth heats up

archived August 30, 2008

The peak oil crisis: summer's end

Tom Whipple , Falls Church News-Press

While waiting to see how much damage this week's hurricane will do, it is a good time to review recent developments in the world's petroleum and economic situations for their relevance to peak oil.

archived August 28, 2008

The Mexican reforms

Albert Bates, Energy Bulletin

In the vast interior of rural México, awareness of an approaching energy and economic tsunami is below even Alert Azul, the first stage of a hurricane watch. For those who read the newspapers or follow television there is no shortage of news about the usual political scuffling between Presidente Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and opposition party leader José Ramiro López Obrador concerning Cantarell oil field’s breathtaking 14% annual decline rate. People just don’t seem to register it as anything other than the usual politics that goes on in México City, a world away from their lives planting corn, grinding steel, or serving tourists with poolside Margaritas.

archived August 28, 2008

Peak oil and Mexico: The socioeconomic impacts of Cantarell’s decline

Jude Clemente, San Diego State University

In order to shed light on how Mexico's oil decline will impact the nation, the present analysis focuses on how declining oil revenues will impact five core facets of Mexican society: 1) Social Progress 2) Economic Growth 3) Inequality 4) Political Stability 5) Migration.

archived August 27, 2008

Oil sands, mutant fish, Buffet, and the New World Order

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil sands visit was not a shopping trip, says Buffett
Buffett, Gates, mutant fish frame oil sands debate
Mutated fish alarms delegates at northern Alberta water gathering
A New World Order?

archived August 24, 2008