Latin America

Peak oil - Dec 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NPR on 'peak oil theory'
Simmons and Hirch at Energy Roundable
Matt Simmons talk: The three energy amigos

archived December 15, 2008

From left field - Dec 11

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Bolivian president: Save the planet from capitalism
Liquefied Natural Gas and Fossil Capitalism
Where Are All The Socialists? Here, There and Everywhere

archived December 11, 2008

Biofuels - Nov 24

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"Fuel": A persuasive argument for kicking our addiction to oil
Using Energy Like Pigs
Brazil's biofuel industry dries up

archived November 24, 2008

Energy producers - Oct 25

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OPEC announces big production cuts
Cuba's claims of 20B barrels in offshore oil raise eyebrows
Iran's president under pressure
Venezuela oil price tumbles, Chavez pressured

archived October 25, 2008

Prices & supplies - Oct 18

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20bn barrel oil discovery puts Cuba in the big league
Oil prices slip below $70 a barrel
Fuel lines in Indonesia
Time in the yank (gas prices and wages)

archived October 18, 2008

Geopolitics - Oct 16

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Energy fact check #2 - Is energy independence good for the nation?
Energy independence and the real cost of oil
Venezuela's oil output slumps under Hugo Chavez
Dmitry Medvedev: 20 years on, America must abandon its Cold War mentality

archived October 16, 2008

Housing & urban design - Oct 16

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Vancouver: A sustainability geek's dream
Energy-efficient mortgages
Cuba's eco-friendly houses

archived October 16, 2008

Energy producers - Oct 13

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Iraqi government fuels 'war for oil' theories by putting reserves up for biggest ever sale
Venezuela to survive crisis despite oil fall
Abu Dhabi: 'We need slaves to build monuments'

archived October 13, 2008

United States - Oct 9

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The Candidates and climate: a persistant air of surreality
Debate fact check is offshore drilling the answer?
The myth of election year manipulation of oil price
Latin leftists gloating over 'Comrade' Bush's bailout
New U.S. intelligence report warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

archived October 9, 2008

Energy producers - Oct 5

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Boomtown Dubai feels effects of a global crisis
The party's over for Iceland
Bolivia: defeat of the right
Behind the bluster, Russia Is collapsing

archived October 5, 2008