Latin America

More on lithium production

Heading Out, Bit Tooth Energy

While Bolivia has the largest deposit of lithium, you don't have to go that far to find, and produce it.

archived February 10, 2009

Peak lithium - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

In Bolivia, untapped bounty meets nationalism (lithium)
Peak lithium: will supply fears drive alternative batteries?
Lithium round-up

archived February 8, 2009

Food & agriculture - Feb 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

‘Honey, they shrunk the groceries’; Prices go up, sizes go down
Amazon rainforest razed so cattle can graze
Landless Worker's Movement (MST) turns 25
Wealthy countries gaze hungrily at Canada's prairies

archived February 2, 2009

Biofuels - Jan 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sainsbury's to send unsold food to UK biomass plant
The High Price of Clean, Cheap Ethanol
Trees, Grass May Produce Ethanol Without Poisoning Gulf

archived January 27, 2009

Peak Oil - Jan 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A prince and four peaks: peak oil, gas, coal and uranium
Forget "peak oil", West's demand growth peaking
The twilight of an age (John Michael Greer interview)
ASPO Newsletter - December 2008

archived January 21, 2009

Peak for Pemex could help push Mexico to ruin

Pelikan, Clips & Comment

Wednesday, Pemex is expected to release historic reduced output numbers. With everything going wrong with Mexico internally, what can the government do about losing revenue from its largest cash cow? Will Mexico continue to be a steady U.S. supplier? By the time it's all over U.S. troops may be securing what's left of Mexico's oil fields.

archived January 21, 2009

Oil & coal - Jan 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil demand set for 2-year drop on recession, IEA says
Rigzone: Why we'll see $200 oil soon
Chávez lets West make oil bids as prices plunge
The ten most coal-reliant countries

archived January 17, 2009

Energy industry - Dec 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

State concerned about waste water from new gas wells
Amazon pollution case could cost Chevron billions
How the West’s Energy Boom Could Threaten Drinking Water for 1 in 12 Americans

archived December 23, 2008

Food & agriculture - Dec 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Cuba's local growers
Restoring the pee-h balance
From cubicle nerd to cucumber vendor
Fertilizer prices could be bottoming

archived December 21, 2008

Food & agriculture - Dec 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Scenario 2020: The Future of Food in Mendocino County
In "eat local" movement, Cuba is years ahead
Feeding the world sustainably demands new approach to farming and food
Michael Pollan On Vilsack, Agriculture — And Food

archived December 18, 2008