Latin America

Geopolitics - Mar 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The disintegration Of Iraq

Peace breaks out on Colombia's borders
Ukraine to pay gas bill, end crisis
OPEC - not as powerful as you might think

archived March 8, 2008

Food & agriculture - Mar 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australian PM: Farmers to adapt for climate change
USA grain exports - Where to, how much?
In highland Peru, a culture confronts blight
NGOs wary of doomsday seed vault

archived March 5, 2008

Energy policy - Mar 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Thirsting for energy in India’s boomtowns
OPEC rethinking production cut plans
Will Saudis export their NG?
Inflation and petroleum depletion in Trinidad

archived March 4, 2008

Biofuels - Mar 1

Staff, Energy bulletin

Biofuels: Driving in the wrong direction?
The ethanol bust

Cuba to produce ethanol without sacrificing food

archived March 1, 2008

Falling production - Feb 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

S. Arabia LPG exports may start falling in 2010
Mexico's Pemex posts $1.48 bln 2007 net loss
Norway state oil group Petoro's Q4 output falls
Cuban oil production down

archived February 29, 2008

Oil producers - Feb 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian giant looms over Europe (Gazprom)
Brazil: An energized giant
Ghana: Crude oil - blessing or curse?
US sees Iran nuclear dispute going to 2009 (dwindling expectation of US airstrike)

archived February 29, 2008

Peak oil - Feb 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Deutsche Bank jumps into peak-oil debate

Oil hits a high; some see $4 gas by spring
Things not as bad in Gulf as Simmons claimed

N. American NG production and EROI decline
This week in petroleum
Peak oil in a car review

archived February 27, 2008

Oil and geopolitics - Feb 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Mexico's oil output falls
Pemex in death throes amid political squabbling

The oil factor in Kosovo independence

archived February 27, 2008

National - Feb 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil prices take a toll on Gulf's middle class
South America natural gas crisis
A credible European energy strategy

archived February 26, 2008

Oil producers - Feb 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brazil dances with OPEC

Iran warns will hit back at UN sanctions
Russia’s oil taxation to be reformed

archived February 25, 2008